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I’m a mom of two great kids, wife to a wonderful man, and I hate sitting still. I love to run, bike, hike, camp, and try new things. I truly believe that you can do anything you put your mind to…you just have to decide to do it!
Lauren Duke and FamilyFor me, the hardest part of running the race is always the start….then after I’m finished, I look back and realize I’ve accomplished this amazing thing! I’m excited for every new chapter of life and am looking forward to what God has in store at every point of the journey.

As a kid with asthma I wasn’t able to run or stay active, but as a teenager I started walking which eventually led to running. That with eating healthy allowed me to shed 50 pounds and gain energy and lung strength! Now I’m able to run marathons, teach turbo kick-boxing and participate in anything I want to. I can’t function without Shakeology : ) and I love sharing Beachbody with others because I know it works!

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