YOO-HOO Winter Blowout!

I’ve never liked Black Friday. I’ve never once stood in line at midnight to save money and get a better deal on Christmas wants/needs. The entire thing stresses me out! I would much rather stay home in my comfy clothes and take care of all of my shopping at once! Wouldn’t you?

In recent years I’ve foundWinter Blowout Sales such peace in shopping online. I save gas, avoid frustration. It’s also time/saving and I usually save more money online and don’t have to go to the post office (not a fan)! I love that items are shipped and sometimes even wrapped for me!!!! It’s a WIN WIN if you ask me!

This is why I love online shopping and why events like Beachbody’s “Black Friday” sale are so appealing. HECK, the sale isn’t even on Thursday or Friday! You can take advantage of the sale prices NOW…before you have to spend all day cooking, and you’ll have a fitness plan for AFTER Thanksgiving!

Honestly if you think about it, fitness is such a great gift to GIVE. You are giving someone else the tools to improve their life so much more than a cd, cell phone cover, or baking equipment ever can. Giving fitness is giving the gift of health, strength, confidence and you can even take it one step further and partner with someone to work towards fitness goals together!
Winter Blowout Sale Page 2
When these prices go live I have no idea how long they will last! And if you have any desire to push yourself, achieve fitness goals, or just add a program to your current routine then this is the time to do it!

When you order from me you will be placed in an online accountability group for daily motivation, inspiration and greater success!!!

This sale is LIVE NOW! You can find ordering information ON the graphic and it will take you directly to my site where you will click on SHOP — HOLIDAY SPECIALS! Take advantage of these prices while they last and have a blessed day!



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