More Than Just a Team….a Thriving Family.

Still reeling from an incredible time with my diamond coaches last week/weekend. Some of us connected today and it’s so strange to not be together. You know when you just click with people and you are better because of them? That’s how we all left this retreat. New bonds, friendships, and sisters.

I received such JOY from planning this event and loved seeing their faces when they entered the beach house, when the cake arrived, when the chef arrived, when they went to their rooms and found their personalized gift and treats, when the massage therapist came, or when we turned the corner and saw the beach bonfire. Only a smattering of the fun we experienced.

THRIVEMore than that I loved just begin together and learning from one another. The value of sitting down and asking questions, sharing ideas and growing together was HUGE and reinforced the importance of these live events!

I’m fired up after feeling the energy and now seeing these leaders post their excitement and the “aha” moments they experienced. I’m even more excited to encourage them in their goals and dreams and to see them achieve them because I have NO DOUBT that each person there is still only at the beginning of her journey. Our team is absolutely thriving and I know without a doubt that this next year is going to be INCREDIBLE for each of them!

CHEERSCrazy that out of over 250,000 coaches our team of passionate, inspiring individuals ended its first year in the top 10 and hasn’t left the top 20 this year! We’re doing something right and we’re going to keep on doing right and doing it better and better. If you want to be the best you have to surround yourself with the best and we have been abundantly blessed with just that. Each coach is a blessing and each person adds value to this growing team. I have chills…..chills for what is happening and for what is to come. And what’s even more cool is that I’m not the only one….this team is gearing up for even more big things and you’re invited to be a part of it ….front and center as we continue to grow.Beach Bonfire

Join my team. Simple…be the change you want to see in the world….it starts with YOU deciding to commit.



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