My End of Year and New Year Plan

I really cannot believe that 2014 is ending so soon! It’s insane to think of all that needs to happen to prepare kids for their end of year tests/quizzes, attend work parties, purchase wrap and even ship gifts, and then there’s the travel that’s coming up! I mean I haven’t even purchased tickets home yet! That is really going to HURT, but it has to be done. This time of year can be daunting, even paralyzing for some but with a plan and with a purpose you can make it through the holidays happy and healthy.

Therfit gifte was a time when my focus was the food. I couldn’t wait to sample my grandmother’s butterballs, chocolate covered peanut butter balls, peppermint candy cane cookies and all off the seasonal treats that only appeared at Christmas. What followed was sickness, regret and NO SELF CONTROL! One taste and I was sunk. I didn’t have a healthy plan of action that I was following. I thought I could just eat whatever I wanted to and then kill myself at the gym to burn it off. Nope. Doesn’t work that way.
Now, with a few lifestyle changes I’m happier, healthier, stronger and excited that even through Thanksgiving I maintained my strength, results, and that consistency meant that I didn’t gain any weight over the holidays. In fact I even went to New York City last week and didn’t gain any weight or inches. I enjoyed delicious foods and drinks and knew when to stop because I have an appreciation for portion sizes and for food as fuel and not satisfaction. Containers

Sticking with 30 minutes of exercise a day and learning a healthy balance of food
groups has been life-changing for me! I used to think that I could eat whatever because I worked out so much, but then I was frustrated that I wasn’t seeing or feeling results. I would workout for a couple of hours and I saw nothing! It isn’t until I learned how many servings of carbs, fruits, vegetables, proteins, fats and oils were sufficient to not only fuel my workouts but balance my body and produce results. In just one week I SAW change and FELT it as well.

Since that first round of the 21 Day Fix I’ve completed a few 21 DFX Round 3programs, always sticking with the 21 Day Fix portion control meal plan. It’s how I see food now and I have a mental checklist for my day. It doesn’t matter what program or exercise I’m doing the Fix Portion Meal plan is my lifestyle that keeps me on track.

Now, facing INSANITY MAX :30 I’m still going to use the containers and stick with my plan because I know it’s fueling me and helping me to continue to achieve my goals…and when the 21 Day FIX Extreme drops in February I’ll finally be able to tell you even more of what has helped me maintain and even continue to progress in my fitness goals. I cannot wait to help YOU and to show you what I’m talking about!

INSANITY MAX :30I’m hosting an INSANITY Max :30 group beginning December 30 and I’ll also be one of the first to share the new 21 Day Fix Extreme. Celebrity trainer and creator of the 21 DFX will be sharing with my group as the special guest. If you’re on of the few selected for the test group you’ll be hearing from Autumn before you begin your program. I’m super excited about this!!!

Why not be a part of B21-day-fix-extreme-workout-reviewOTH groups. This plan will take you up to Spring Break and to possibly the best YOU you’ve ever experienced. I know that this past year I’ve been able to get in the best shape of my life and that’s crazy to say as I near 40. YIKES!

So, as we near the Christmas celebration, make sure that you take care of YOU. Make sure that you speak up for you and for your goals and make sure that if you have dreams and goals for the new year that you have a plan waiting for you after Christmas. No need to wait until 2015. We are starting THIS YEAR.

I’m here to help you get started and you can learn more by going to Products –INSANITY Max :30 and 21 Day Fix Extreme! And Merry Christmas!

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