21 Day Fix Extreme

Last October I was invited by Autumn Calabrese, creator of the 21 Day Fix, to participate in a new program being released in February. I immediately jumped because after seeing the preview I KNEW I was going to do this program next. Why? GET SHREDDED. ThaBefore, Day 1 of #21DFXt’s why. I was fit, but not FIT, and I had a few areas that I had worked on and hadDay 21 After photos #21DFXn’t seen any big results. FRUSTRATING was setting in and I knew that I either had to go spend hours in a gym or figure something out. Enter 21 Day Fix Extreme.  Autumn took my name and number and a few days later I received a message stating I had a couple of hours to submit before pictures, measurements, etc., AUGH! WHAT?!?! I sure hoped they picked me!!! And they did.


While I cannot share in detail…..YET…..I can share 30 seconds from one of the workouts. I’m excited to FINALLY share this. Stay tuned for more leaks in the weeks to come but please keep checking back. this program has been ALL I’ve done since October and it has helped me see results in my ENTIRE body. My before and after pictures aren’t the end. Not at all. I have continued to have great results and even maintain my results through the holidays. I’m stronger, faster, more defined and finally fueling my body for PEAK results. I continue to improve ALL OVER! Just like this pictures hows from this Christmas!

21 DFX Round 3

My favorite part? The encouragement and relationships I’ve built with my fellow test-group participants. Oh we’ve had fun, and we’ve whined and we’ve celebrated and shared. EVERYONE had great results which is rare to say, but it’s been so fun to see everyone change in just 21 days. Yes, just 21 days. People still ask me when they see my before and after picture, “how many days between photos?” And when I tell them the answer they are shocked. SURE! It’s SHOCKING but it’s real. So here is my 30 second clip teaser….yes, 30 minutes, with weights…and that’s all I can tell you for now. I’ll be sharing nutrition next week! And as a Vegan, the only vegan in the group, I think I had pretty awesome results. Just sayin’. I never felt woosie or weak, only strong! I slept insanely well and woke up refreshed. I LOVE this program. Ok, now to that preview I keep talking about. I really could go on and on, but I’d get in trouble Oops 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.39.40 PM




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