21 until 21 !!!!!


CRAZY21 dfx logo!!!! 21 days until 21 Day Extreme!!! I have so many things to share with ya’ll and the first is the meal plan! WHAT? This program is special for so many reasons and one BIG reason is the meal plan. You can work out all day long but if your nutrition is JUNK then your results reflect it!

I was a cardio queen taking spin classes, running and teaching a weights class but I wasn’t seeing or feeling results. SO FRUSTRATING! It was eye-opening to really dial in the nutrition and see incredible results in just 21 days! YES! Just 21 days!

What I love about this program that you get to choose. Follow the 21 day fix meal plan or AMP IT UP with the Countdown to Competition meal plan that is mentally tough. Well, both are mentally tough but the competition meal plan is one step up. If you are getting ready for an event, a vacation, or a competition then the countdown program is THE program to focus on. Both give you great results but it’s up to you! As a vegan I will say that it was very easy for me to stick with the competition plan. I don’t require a lot of variety in my diet/nutrition. The plan provides A LOT of food every two hours so that you are constantly fueling your body. After a few days I was waking up STARVING because my metabolism was churning constantly! Think about what that’s doing for your body! You become a machine, constantly burning the junk and eliminating toxins from your body. You develop a lean, muscular physique quickly!

This week we are allowed to share “a day in the life of a vegan” on the 21 Day Fix Extreme Meal plan! As the only vegan in the group I can offer you my unique perspective and speak to those of you who are looking for plant-based nutrition. I promise that I was STUFFED everyday and that packing my meals and traveling was a BREEZE! WE had a soccer tournament EVERY wee end during this program and I was able to stay on track.

To see my 21 Day Fix Extreme meal plan, click on the link below. I walk you through an entire day of nutrition as a Vegan following the 21 DFX plan!

WE have a LIVE webinar with AUTUMN January 28, at 6 p.m. PST So be there!!! I’ll keep you posted!



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