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It’s very unlike me to share my income but, I feel like a lot of you don’t really know what I do for a living or how it works because I don’t really share it enough. I’ve also felt very blessed seeing the impact of just this first few weeks of the year. I’m overwhelmed and overcome with great joy and I hope that this post inspires and pushes a few of you that have *thought* about giving the coaching opportunity a shot but haven’t quite made the leap of faith yet.

This past month, I earned my entire years teaching salary for my family.Yes, one month of income was actually MORE than my entire year of teaching 6, 7, 8th grade literature. I’m in shock and disbelief that this crazy jump of faith I made just 2 1/2 years ago has turned in to such a huge blessing for my family. And I also cannot believe that I made it one month what I made for an entire year as a teacher. Again, I’m not putting this out there to brag… just to be honest, it makes me a little sick to share this but I truly want to inspire others to give this opportunity a shot….maybe someone with a story similar to mine.

My family moves a lot for my husband’s job which made it very hard for me to have a career. I’ve held many jobs and been many things from teacher, to salesperson in a retail boutique, to trying my hand at various other “jobs”  to keep me busy while I raised kids and my husband traveled. A couple of years ago I joined the YMCA because I needed to meet people. I loved being in that encouraging environment and I made friends whom I looked forward to meeting everyday. But at $20 a class with few openings that wouldn’t keep me from my family or force me to leave the house before dawn I knew this wouldn’t be a career. I KNEW I was in my element and I LOVED how I felt after each class. I was working as a Music teacher part time at my kids school when my husband returned and notified us that our time had been extended. I’d already given up my position at the school and was facing a year of ?????  My family knew I would go nuts and so we prayed for a solution. A solution came quickly! One day online, catching up with a college friend who was at an incredible event talking about life-changing experiences. I knew I had to be there! I knew this was it, but I wasn’t completely sure what IT was….I just knew I was supposed to be there.

Honestly, I jumped in without really understanding ANYTHING other than the emotions I was feeling. I had lost my baby weight with Turbo Jam and LOVED the program. I’d also done P90X and shared the program with many people and I was in a place where I just wanted to inspire and share my passion of fitness! I was a believer, so I figured it was worth a shot…

I didn’t fully understand the potential for 6 months. I didn’t and still cannot believe that I get to stay at home and help others daily! After 72 days my first goal and it grew from there. I couldn’t stop sharing! I couldn’t stop inviting people to join me in achieving their fitness goals! It was incredible!

It was my passion and so much more! I could work on my OWN fitness goals – holding myself accountable to NOT falling back in to those unhealthy, eating disorder habits because I had support from my amazing team! At the same time, I was helping others discover their fullest potential with their health and fitness goals and I was getting paid to do it! I was turning in to a leader, a mentor and a completely CHANGED person with newly-gained knowledge, confidence, and a positive outlook on everything and it has completely changed my LIFE!

And… just like everyone, I started at the BOTTOM. The very bottom! And I was TERRIFIED to start. But my passion, my drive and my persistence got me to the top in just 2 years. My first year I was one of the top coaches in the entire company and in my second year AGAIN one of the top coaches…all because of a crazy desire to jump and share and run towards a passion that combines fitness and people. Now I have coaches and a team running after the same goals and it is EXCITING and REWARDING to see them turn their dreams in to a reality! I am overwhelmed with joy when I see someone else’s joy and fulfillment in helping others and providing for THEIR family! WOW!!!! I haven’t been very vocal….in fact I’ve been pretty quiet and reserved but that’s over with. This year my goal is to share more and inspire more. I’m working harder than ever to share my passion with others because it’s no secret. It’s just a crazy desire to do something meaningful that impacts others AND my family at the same time! At the core of it all is this….if you pour our heart into something, you WILL reach the top.

So, I want you all to know that I am running a 5-day “Sneak Peek to coaching” group that starts on Monday, February 16th. If you would like to learn more about this business, how to earn, what it can do for you, and what being a THRIVE coach entails, then I would love to have you join me and my team by applying here:

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