My Best Yes

One of my goals this year is to blog more, not because I think someone will read it, but because I love to write and writing helps me not only get my feelings out but have a journal of my journey. I used to journal in college and when Chris and I were married I gave him all of those thoughts, emotions and prayers. So this is my journey…..

Change. I don’t like it. I think I’m over it after a lifetime of change due to more than I can easily count childhood and military moves as an adult.  I really don’t care what you say. Even if it’s an event or experience you’ve been looking forward to there is always an element of uncertainty, excitement, fear and unknown. I don’t like to be told I need to change, but I’ve realized for a while that it’s time….time for a change. When you’re someone who LOVES to work and LOVES interacting with others you can easily get caught up with work and people and forget that you yourself have PEOPLE who count on you. That was me. I was working at something I LOVED but losing another very precious part of myself, my family. Time to change.

Wow, you probably weren’t expecting such a deep, dark start right? Well, I’m not going to sugar-coat this. While no deployment is fun, expected or welcome (unless it’s a family tour to Europe because I would take that in a heartbeat), some are necessary. I believe God puts us through and allows us to walk through times of shaping so that we can be more in tune with Him and also so that we can experience the blessings He’s preparing us for and preparing for US! That was last year.

After my husband deployed I realized that I needed to make huge changes in my schedule. I needed to be more available and less selfish with my time and I had to make those changes quickly because I was a single parent with two VERY active kiddos and a business to run. Let’s face it though, I’m pretty sure I just TOLD myself I was making changes but my behavior didn’t match my words. I mean don’t get me wrong, I made changes and changed my hours but I wasn’t ever truly unplugged and present when I was supposed to be present.  FAIL! It took a few slaps in the face, a few not-so-pleasant experiences where I was told (in love) what a dufus I was being to come to realize that I was trying too hard to please. I was saying yes to everything even though I told myself I was doing “great” with my new time-mangement habits. So what changed?

It’s silly to say that one book changed me because one book didn’t, but I do believe that this particular book came along at the exact time that I needed it and would be ready to receive it. Lysa Terkeurst’s The Best Yes  has been a page-turner. I promised myself when I bought it that even if it was awesome (which it is) that I would NOT read the entire thing in one sitting. I wanted to marinate on each chapter and really take to heart what was being shared. I wanted to apply it, pray on it and really mull it over. So I haven’t read it everyday, but I have switched up my daily personal development (aka quiet time) and shared what I’ve been learning. FREEDOM has come from this book and from the lessons that I don’t have to please others, I don’t have to be “perfect” and I can say no. I can wait to say yes and I can allow myself to focus on my strengths to get through trials and NOT allow my weaknesses to pull me down. I see that everyday, people blaming themselves for their situation instead of seeing the situation as an opportunity to grow and use their strengths. MIND BLOWN. Hello!!!

“Let this unexpected happening point to your

strengths and not you weakness. Maybe you’ve been 

entrusted with this.Not cursed with it”

The Best YesSo the shaping, the change (even though I still am not a fan of change) is our opportunity for us to use our strengths. I love this from The Best Yes.

“Do the next right thing that’s right in front of you. And then do the next right thing. Take baby steps of right decisions, and soon you will walk with a new strength you never knew was possible.”

Making those RIGHT or BEST YES decisions over time will provide NEW STRENGTH. So, back to my point. I’ve learned that being real, owning up to my weaknesses but using my strengths to overcome them is using my best yes. Each day I pray that God will use my strengths to help others, and to learn more about His will for me. I’m learning to embrace the perfectly imperfect me and find completeness in the ONE who made me. I’m also learning to set hours, have a schedule and be bold and protective of it because I’ve also been entrusted with two precious kiddos, a husband and a home to manage.

Let the experiences you face and the changes you endure, the slaps in the face point to your “strength, not your weakness. Maybe you’ve been entrusted with this. Not cursed with it.”


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