My Review of the 21 Day Fix Extreme Dirty 30 workout!

SO EXCITED to be able to see others getting excited about the 21 Day Fix Extreme!!! It’s time for me to share my experience and a few videos so that you can see more of what makes up the prefect combination of fitness, nutrition, and GREAT results!IMG_3071As a member of the test group we’ve been very quiet about the workouts, the nutrition and other parts of this incredible program, BUT this week 199 coaches received a sneak peek of Dirty 30 21 Day Fix EXTREME so I can finally share more then :30 seconds of a workout! YEA! I can also talk a little bit more about this program with a few more specifics.


I LOVE THIS PROGRAM and have been doing it since October when I entered the test group. The first 3 days were tough because you dive right in and the workouts are very challenging incorporating cardio and strength with little rest. Your heart rate goes through the roof when you add weight, and it goes even higher when you add PLYO to your cardio….with weights! Yup! Torching calories FOR SURE! So That’s why the nutrition is SO KEY! IT’s the FUEL for your awesome results.

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In this program all treats and cheats are GONE! NO chocolate, no wine, NADA, but how badly do you want to catapult over that plateau where you’re been stuck for so long? I know I was READY! I had told myself that there was no way I would see results in my lower half. NOPE. Wasn’t happening! Well, it did and I’ve maintained and I know how to DIAL IT IN when I need to!

Right, back to Dirty 30….well the warm up is short because there is WORK to be done!! A little cardio, a little dynamic stretching and we’re off! There is no easing into this workout. You get right in there with a curtsy and a half moon lift. Light weight are definitely preferred here because your shoulders are going to be ON FIRE! Then squats with a shoulder press. You think a heavy weight will be ok here but you fatigue very quickly! Work up to that heavy weight and don’t be a hero on day 1. The workout progresses and repeats each move twice and then of course you have Autumn’s famous “BONUS!!!” that leaves you using your ENTIRE BODY in the last minute of the workout as the cherry on top!


I hope that you can get a sense of how challenging and awesome this workout is from the pictures and videos I have. It’s definitely one of my favorite in the program and a perfect Saturday kick in the pants FOR SURE!!! I cannot wait to share my other favorites with you this week and then of course the LIVE WEBINAR with Autumn herself and other test group participants on January 28 at 6 p.m. PST!



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