Growing up with asthma, running wasn’t something I looked forward to. I knew that running would result in an attack or worse, but there was this desire in me to run, to participate, to push to achieve and to finish a race. I decided to change my diet, start walking and eventually I worked up to running. It took years and people positioned along the way to encourage me, teach me, and run with me. I have completed and even won many races and pushed my body to the max for time and distance and it’s the most incredible feeling!

I could have given up long ago, given into the feelings that I would never be good enough, never achieve anything and always be limited by my disease. I could have seen my weakness as a disability, but instead my weakness spurred me on. I started thinking about this as I read this week. “But these things did not stop God from using me. In fact, his determination was unstoppable! He used me not in spite of my past but because of my past!” YES!!!! Exactly! Our weakness, or the things we have experienced in the past, are not limitations holding us back and keeping us stuck in one place, they are lessons and opportunities to grow. Those experiences are lessons learned from others and they are stories and a journey we can share with someone else. We can invite others to run with us in our race. We can use our past to give someone else a future.

So even though I haven’t run a footrace in almost a year I have experienced the most incredible journey ever! As a 15 year old I could have listened to others who called me fat; I could have accepted the fact that I would always be obese and that my disease would keep me from enjoying life to the fullest. I could have, but I chose to change my life which resulted in a completely new route. Want God to change your circumstances? Then be willing to change your life.

Yes it took YEARS, but I am so thankful I took the leap and never looked back. Run your race and get ready for an incredible journey. Believe that the road ahead is far better than the one behind.


***Unstoppable by Christine Caine


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