There is something inside of you greater than any obstacle

“I don’t know how you do it.”

“You make it look so easy.”

“I’m not as strong as you.”

“It takes a special person to go through what you’ve been through.”

Chances astrengthre if you’re endured any kind of trial, you’ve heard these words. I wonder, were you thinking about how strong you while moving the obstacle or were you just making it happen because it seemed like the right thing to do and you knew that there was no way that an obstacle was going to keep you from the path ahead of you? I know when I hear these words I’m usually going through situations I’d rather not! I don’t feel strong, I don’t feel special and it feels really hard, but what are the alternatives? That’s when strengths and weakness comes into play. God gives us the strength to overcome our weaknesses.

I’ve talked with a lot of people this week about obstacles and overcoming them. It’s easier said than done, trust me! Most of the time obstacles are placed in our path by US. We are scared, unsure, we question, we doubt, we deny, we argue, and we convince ourselves that we cannot do something because it’s new or unfamiliar or because someone else has made us believe that we cannot do it. Why do we let others do that? I’m talking to myself here because I’ve definitely doubted myself because someone else planted that seed of doubt!

Now don’t get me wrong, every experience isn’t for every person. You have to know and feel that you are meant for more….meant to step out and walk this new path ahead of you. You might not understand why and you might not know where the path leads, you just know you are supposed to be on it. My journey to get to this point wasn’t rainbows and puppy dogs. It wasn’t terrible either, but I have learned some pretty hugs lessons. I didn’t understand when those lessons would come to play but isn’t that like God? He prepares you in advance for what lies ahead! You might not understand WHY until years later and then the lightbulb goes off. I didn’t understand that my eating disorder would develop in my strength and empathy, or that I would be able to use that part of my life to impact and counsel others. But what a blessing it is that I am able to do that! I didn’t know that being a military wife and having that “get it done” attitude would benefit me as I embarked upon this incredible journey of helping others and chasing my dreams.  I wasn’t looking for this opportunity but because of a change of plans (the military likes to do that) I found myself without a plan.

That’s how my journey with coaching began. It was an open door and a desire to walk through that door not understanding what was ahead. I just knew I was supposed to go and God has blessed every step. Of course there are obstacles! Every path has obstacles but by overcoming those obstacles you grow, learn and develop a strength to keep going towards your goals! I think you learn something new about yourself through every struggle; something that you can use to bless others! I’m always amazed when I’m talking with someone and I’m able to draw upon personal experience to let the other person know “I GET IT!” So that’s why I went through that!!! Thank you LORD!

Believe in YourselfJust tonight my husband and I were thinking back to this year. It was full of new experiences and obstacles and while the experiences were not things we asked for or expected, they have made us stronger and brought us closer together. A deployment is many things….and fun is not one of them. But God is funny and His plan is always for our good. My husband’s absence allowed me more time with my kids; it also made me become more focused on time and how much time I could realistically give to others and to my business and still succeed at being mom. I still have to work on this because I love what I do so much that I can get a little lost in it and miss out on more important things. This past year I traveled literally all over the world and had the most amazing experiences and made memories to last a lifetime. I wish he’d been with me, but I developed a strength and knowledge and learned lessons about myself (not always pleasant) that I’m very thankful for. Now we look back and see God’s diving plan and His hand guiding both of us separately so that we can come back together with new dreams and goals for ourselves and our family.This wouldn’t have happened without the testing….without the obstacles. We know that the challenges are sent to strengthen us.

I know that each of us has greatness in us. We are all uniquely and perfectly made for a purpose. Believing in your purpose and running towards it grows passion and I truly believe that when passion meet purpose then you find true joy.

Faith Can ConquerThose doubts you’re feeling…they’re temporary. New is only new once. Over the past 16 years….well more that that when you count the times I moved as a child, I have walked through many new situations that were scary and foreign to me. I’ve sat in the back of the room scared to interact, and I’ve raised my hand to participate when I wasn’t sure what would be expected of me. I’ve made many mistakes and and worried about pleasing others and being perfect. I think that’s what’s held me back the most. I don’t want to disappoint anyone, or mess “it” up. But what I didn’t consider is that perhaps the way things turn out are how they were meant to be all along. And learning to have faith that things will work out is part of growing.

It’s more fun to try new things, like this blog, because while I don’t know how it will turn out or if anyone will even read it, I do know that I was meant to do it and that gives me joy. If this reaches just one person and helps someone see how special they are then it’s worth it.

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