Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Apple Pie that’s 21 Day Fix Extreme approved? YES PLEASE!

This is so perfect on Extreme days! And it’s SO DELICIOUS and simple to make. It seriously tastes like you are eating apple pie for breakfast!

1/2 yellow container steel cut oats (I use Gluten Free Bob’s Mill brand)

1 purple sliced Honeycrisp apples

1-2 tsp coconut oil


In a small skillet head coconut oil and add sliced apples and cinnamon, coating all apples until soft and cooked.

While cooking apples cook steel coat oats according to package until soft and chewy (my favorite consistency).


Place oats in a bowl and top with apples and cinnamon …..YUM!!!!

1 yellow

1 purple

1-2 tspApple cinnamon


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