Form is KING!

As with every fitness program form is KING! What do I mean by that? You can rock the program, and jump high, do 50 pushups with the best of them, but if you aren’t focusing on form you are setting yourself up for injury and your results will NOT be as awesome as if you just take the time to perfect your form first.

You’ve probably heard that when you squat, you need to keep your knees over your toes, sit back almost like you’re sitting in a chair, brace your core and keep your toes and knees pointed forward. WHAT? That’s  lot to think about. YES, but when you do a squat correctly you work the areas of your body a squat is MEANT to work. A saggy core will results in lower back pain, and knees out of alignment can over time results in knee pain! So check out this video with a few HOW-TOs to make sure your form is SPOT ON so that you reap the benefits of your workout. I mean if you’re going to take the time to sweat and set yourself up for soreness, you definitely want the time to be well-spent!

Another favorite workout where form is SUPER important is Pilates. The 21 Day Fix Extreme uses bands and it can be tricky at first. If the band is too heavy you will not be able to get the proper extension and if the band is too light you will not reap the benefits of the band. This workout is an incredible way to elongate muscles, and really work deep into the muscles with a different resistance than free weight.

The video will show you how to church wrap and work through some of my favorite 21 DFX pilates moves.


Again, the important things to think about with the bands are to keep the core braced, wrists strong, not bend; and to flex your foot to stabilize the band through all moves. Don’t snap the band, but work with both concentric and eccentric contractions as you move through the motion.

Form is KEY but form is KING. Without it you risk injury and you also don’t get the results you’re working so hard to achieve. Take the time to learn more about the proper form before you start so that you can ROCK this and other programs!


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