Income Guilt and why it’s ok to succeed

I’ve struggled with this topic for so long and wasn’t sure how to share it until this article was shared and the lightbulb went on! About 5 years ago I went through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University through our church and was surprised at what happened when I planned, saved and was purposeful with our spending and savings. In a matter of months I erased over $10k in debt and was able to pay off all other debt with the sale of our home. It was the most incredible feeling EVER (at the time) to share this with my husband (I did it while he was deployed).

God has continued to work in me and in my family and many others to show that earning money isn’t a sin, and being successful isn’t a sin. I can absolutely use fitness as my witness and I can give God all the glory for the opportunity change lives and help people find their purpose. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT AT ALL. And I can earn an income that blesses my family and provides opportunities to share that income and pay it forward.

So I wanted to share this with you from Dave Ramsey​ and check out the blog with a cool checklist of successful habits to help you grow and succeed in your financial goals…you might be surprised at some of them.

“Over the last two decades, my company has taught people what the Bible says about money: getting on a plan … in the Bible; getting out of debt … in the Bible; living on less than you make … in the Bible; saving money and thereby building wealth … in the Bible; being generous and remembering God owns it all … in the Bible. We teach living like no one else so that later you can live and GIVE like no one else. Our lessons are about getting your family under control financially so you can take care of your own household first. We also teach the importance of giving no matter where you are in the process, first with tithing and then with extraordinary generosity when you’re able. We have always taught that responsible generosity is the natural walk for a believer. Anyone who has attended our courses or read our work knows this is a fact.”

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