Scars into Stars

It’s been an incredible weekend full of laughs, “aha” moments and opportunities to be still and just soak it all in. It’s incredibly humbling to hear everyone’s story and hear how each woman has overcome their own hardships and emerged as a new creation. WOW. How did I get to this point? How did I manage to land in the midst of these women who not only pray for but also celebrate one another? It’s incredible.

shoesA few years ago I earned the opportunity to go to Breckenridge, CO and learn from leaders who completely blew me away. ALL MOMS and all inspiring with their individual stories and journeys. I  know I felt inadequate and a little lost but I was excited to participate and be included. I earned that trip and I know that it catapulted me to want to grow even more. That sharpening and being with others leaders was exactly the activity I needed to grow. Then I earned my first trip to Disneyland (I didn’t even know I’d earned it until I received an email letting me know)!!! What an incredible surprise! ALL EXPENSES PAID!!! WOW! Being around other leaders whose purpose is to change lives is absolutely addictive! It’s something that feels like nothing else! I knew that I would never miss another opportunity to be a part of something like that trip.

Every time I’m around others in this incredible company I’m blown away. I come away with so much appreciation and joy, and I learn so much from everyone! On this trip I’ve learned to let loose, try new things, take time out, and appreciate God’s abundance more. I’ve learned how to do live with grace and humor and how to patiently engage with others. I’ve learned it’s ok to celebrate and that I miss my team and my coaches who are my second family. And my appreciate for my family and especially my husband, has grown. We’ve got this and we can do this life together by the grace of God!


Cancer survivor, overcomer, believer, achiever, leader are all equally represented here. As I head home tomorrow I head home with defined and renewed purpose and strength knowing that without a shadow of a doubt that no my past, my present and future involve the stars and blessings of the purpose God has called me to. No longer will I believe the lies of the past or the hurt that comes from others. I am strong and my scars are merely the marks of a life well-lived, and lessons learned. And I’m turning them into stars.

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