Thief of Joy

***I decided that I just needed to pour out my feelings today. So I’m not even going to go back and edit this because I want it to be raw and honest.

You’ve probably heard someone say that comparison is the thief of joy, right? I believe it.I’m happiest when I’m in my routine, growing and learning and helping others. But every once in a while doubt and fear sneak in. I question myself and I question my strength and my purpose. I question everything. One small seed can help you grow and one small week can ruin all of that growth.

If you were to compare your day and your life to a garden would you see fruits and flowers bloomistregnthng or would you see weeds and things dying because they haven’t been tended to. Think about your career. Are you giving it the time it deserves? Are you giving it too much. When you take all of the soil or the nutrients (time) and devote it to one area of your life what dies…..what suffers? Is one are of your garden thriving while another is struggling? I believe that JOY comes when your garden is tended evenly, meaning that everything is blooming, flourishing or at least taken care of. that doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING in your garden has to be fruiting and blooming at the same time, but I do think that watering every area of your life keeps it ready to produce at any time. Why the crazy garden analogy? Just picture it. Picture a beautiful garden were everything blooms in its time. There’s always something beautiful to look at that’s growing and thriving. That’s a purpose-filled, joyful life.

When our attention is pulled from our garden, looking into others gardens we forget all the work and beauty in our own garden. I find myself looking around and seeing what others are doing and I fall into that trap of comparison. Comparison absolutely steals our joy. So how do we fix that? Time to make a change. If you are competitive like me, be competitive with yourself. Be the best you can be in the areas of your life that mean the most to you. Take time to grow yourself daily through personal development. I am LOVING the books I’m reading right now, not because they are comfortable sappy, happy reads but because they are pulling out the things I need to address. They are forcing me to grow and be better everyday. When I take time to address those areas of my life I will grow on my own and it will benefit my garden.

Another saying I bet you’ve heard is “don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 10.” What looks happy and shiny on the outside could be hiding a lot of growth, pain, triumph and struggle that you have yet to experience. We cannot all be on the same page. Wow I’m using a lot of analogies today but when something is on your heart you just have to get it out!


I know thatI can “do better” I know that I can be a better ______ but I have to be willing to first acknowledge the weakness and deficiency and then be willing to do what it takes to change. Some will take that step and others won’t. If you’re willing to do the things to better yourself you will experience a fruit-filled, purpose-filled life where your garden blooms year-round. Just like nature though, things will happen to stop your growth and you will have to take the time to figure out how to grow THROUGH those hard times so that you don’t wither. Don’t let the pruning or the growth stop you. Look at it as a way to grow deeper roots and stronger branches and don’t let one small cut steal your joy.

You were fearfully and wonderfully made for an incredible purpose (preaching to the choir here) and each day that you are given is an opportunity to share your gifts with others!

I hope that today you are filled with joy, aware of the beautiful blossoms in your life as well as the areas where you can grow.


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