we’re all in this together!

After four days of traveling, drinking a couple glasses of wine, dinners out and cheats ALWAYS available I feel GREAT. I felt bloated during the trip which probably helped me stay away from the treats and the junk food, but the thing I love is that the habits I’ve learned and that have become my “norm” keep me grounded knowing that I’m not willing to give up how I feel when I’m on track! I can “fudge” a little but if I stick with he 80/20 rule then I won’t ever backslide or feel like I have to make up for lost time.obstacles

I arrived home last night after traveling for 10 hours feeling puffy, bloated, uncomfortable and not myself. UGH. I even said “I think I gained 10 pounds on that trip but I’m not sure how…I just feel gross.” So everyone goes through it. Everyone experiences those mornings, weekends, trips where you just feel BLAH! But today is a new day and a fresh start! LOVE IT! I have an awesome accountability group who totally get it and are right there with me and I know that I can show up and chat with them and have 50 people ready to cheer me on. And I love that I can give them that same support! When your goals are strong and you have the support you can achieve anything! Don’t you believe that? If you’ve ever had someone believe in you then you get what I’m talking about!

PB Strawberry OatmealI shared my Pinterest board today with a few people who are having meal prep growing pains. It’s not easy to develop new habits! Change is hard, but it’s necessary to grow. You cannot achieve goals staying in the same place and you cannot grow if you are stuck. This Pinterest board is a journey through the 21 DAY FIX Extreme and offers recipes, pictures, motivation and I hope it helps others! Here is just an example of one of the simple and delicious recipes you can find in the program! And add a little PB and voila….even more of a crowd-pleaser!




You’ll find it below. So here’s to a fresh start today with an awesome group of people ready to create change in themselves. I promise it’s not just a physical change. It’s definitely an emotional and mental change as well!



So check it out below! And I hope it helps YOU with your prepping and planning. I also have meal plans and others resources to share in my groups and would be happy to help you with a fresh start because we are all in this together! Here we go….PLYO (ugh)….it hurts so good and looks even better! HA!IMG_6479

Here is my pinterest board!!!

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