What’s the difference in Extreme and Countdown to Competition?

This is a question I’ve been getting a lot lately as men and women decide how they want to approach the 21 Day Fix Extreme. It’s a decision each person has to make based on their goals and their “want-to”.

The 21 Day Fix Extreme is designed to take you to your “next level” results. If you’ve worked for a while and you’re ALMOST to your desired results and just have a few pounds and few inches left then Extreme could be for you! If you want to get those SHREDDED results and are ready to go IN for 21 days then this program is DEFINITELY for you. Results will come with the fitness program and either of the nutrition programs, BUT the Countdown to Competition plan and Extreme are more strict than the first generation 21 Day Fix Plan. The plan on top is the Countdown to Competition. The one below is the Comp in reverse, or Extreme  with two comp days a week!

comp extreme

Extreme is similar to the the 21 Day FIX except for a  few things. NO cheats, no treats (no chocolate and no wine) and the bottom 1/3 of the foods are missing from the Extreme program.

Countdown to Competition is Carb Cycling.  You will carb deplete for 15 of the 21 Days which  means no purples, no oranges and limited yellows.There results with Countdown to Competition are more extreme and mentally tough.

Check out the countdown to competition schedule below. You have to decide which program is for you once you receive your program. Online accountability groups offer you the support of a team-environment sharing recipes, meal plans, and daily inspiration That’s the part of the program you can’t buy. Knowing that others are counting on you makes you show up daily and stay strong.


You’ve got this!!! Time to get EXTREME!



Countdown to Comp plan tally



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