Spring Break Goals – the SB Booty Challenge

I’ve been watching a friend get ready for a competition and I am LOVING her results. Last week she posted pictures of herself trying on bathing suits and she looked GREAT! Hello, mom of three looking AWESOME in a bikini? It’s possible, and she has worked ridiculously hard, but honestly the thought of getting into a bathing suits scares me to bits. You might think this is crazy. I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been, eating the cleanest and healthiest I ever have, BUT (or BUTT for these purposes) I have my own insecurities that make my mind immediately go to SWIM DRESS! Yes, I said it. You know, those bathing suits with the skirts? Or the shorts? Or a tankini? Is there a swimsuit with bottoms that looks like workout capris? I’ll take one of those. But seriously, these are thoughts that go through my mind! We are our WORST critics! I have areas that need some attention. I hate wearing shorts because when I check the back side in the mirror I’m horrified. I know I can do better, I know that that cellulite is the results of diet and hydration so I NEED to take the next few weeks to focus on this very important part of my body. At this point there is NO WAY a swimsuit is even on my radar!  So, what’s the plan? LOWER BODY FOCUS….seriously. I’ve got the diet part down after multiple rounds of 21 day Fix and 21 day Fix Extreme, and now it’s time to really tone the tush and give it a little extra attention. I know how to do it so what’s holding me back? ME! HAHA.


I started my coaching business with Brazil Butt Lift and the name always makes me giggle, but I will say that THAT workout DOES THE TRICK! So I will be mixing it up with a little BBL and sticking with my Extreme workouts and a few other lower body focused workouts, especially targeting the hamstrings, inner and outer thighs. I want to LIFT what age and gravity have been tugging on for years. I have the spray tan going on and will definitely schedule another one before my April trip to Cancun (yikes that will be here before you know it). So here is my plan and I’ll share with you what I did last week and really liked. And what my plan is for the weeks to come! If you want to follow on please comment and join me in my SB Booty Challenge. I’ve also been mixing it up and adding a few workouts to challenge myself. So I’ve included those in this program as well. And yes, I will be adjusting my nutrition to match the added activity. I don’t want to really bulk up so I’m going to try and stick with body weight or light to medium weights (8-12 pounds for me) For these workouts. I like where I am in the upper body department, but will definitely try to challenge myself in the lower department 🙂


Monday – 21 DFX Plyo/Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum (ouch)

Tuesday – Upper Fix Extreme and Extreme Abs

Wednesday – Pilates Extreme and Brazil Butt Lift High and Tight

Thursday – Lower Extreme and Next Level Abs

Friday – Cardio Extreme and Extreme ABC

Saturday – Extreme Dirty 30 and ExtremeAbs

Sunday – PiYo Buns and A little fun with Cool Moves to Improve your Butt



I like the look of this and know I’ll like the look of my legs and rear end even more AFTER this. Seriously…..always a problem area. So I’m going all in. I realize that you cannot work the same muscle group back to back because it needs time to repair and do it’s growing/burning thing. So, I’m committing to stay strong and focus on my weakness until they are my strengths.

I love this quote from Prevention Magazine: “Cellulite is a two-fold problem, so we need a two-fold solution,” Westcott says. “Strength train to get the muscles firm and strong, and lose excess body fat.”   I agree!

Here are are a few fit tips as far as INPUT. I’ve shared what I’m going to to to get a great OUPUT but the nutrition part of this is just as important.

1. Eat clean unprocessed foods

2. FLUSH (drink water water water)

3. Flavor with SEA or Himalayan Salt with are alkaline and give to the body instead of take away.

4. Dry Brush and Skin Massage

5. SWEAT (workout)

and see the rest of the this awesome article here! pilates

I’m committing to this starting Monday (playing around with is this week) and if you would like to go ALL IN with me then please contact me below or email me at

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