Send Me!

-Oz5bXQd-XjZ6PX7SdFXeBdpEdoPCF8GnoURfJWCl-Q,VgUGB_4w4FFsZifGEu7YjZ3TZsai4QOSZ8owHh0O-0oWhen we say that, what changes are we committing to? What have we gotten ourselves in to when we take the first step and inwardly or outwardly proclaim…..SEND ME? I’m not talking about an actual trip requiring a ticket purchase, I’m talking about mentally and physically committing to step out and believe that you are meant for a greater purpose. Sometimes THAT is the hardest step to take. The step of belief.

I’m reading a book by Christine Caine called Undaunted and I’m finding so many lessons I can use in my personal life. It’s eye-opening and sharing this is my way of saying SEND ME!

I have been truly blessed but not without sacrifice and struggle. The thing is, when you are doing something you love and making an impact in the lives of others it’s like childbirth. You forget the pain and focus on the blessing. All I see and feel are the many blessings. Despite my past, my fears, my apprehensions here I am, writing, sharing, inviting and hoping more than anything that the people God brings into my life will embrace their greater purpose and believe that they are made for more. No matter their past, no matter their present, no matter what…..”send me” means reaching out to them, encouraging them and believe in them!

You might say “that’s easy for someone else,” but nothing WORTH anything is easy. There is always a sacrifice, a lesson, an opportunity to grow (and growth is often painful). What began as a simple desire to experience and help others with their fitness has blossomed into a ministry with a loving team of people who inspire me daily. I call it my family and we share, encourage and lift one another up! It’s an incredible community of individuals whom I trust and who sharpen me.

That wasn’t part of the vision I had! My journey started with ME, stepping out and feeling that calling to SEND ME even thought I wasn’t sure where I would be sent or what the journey would look like. So many times we want the map. We are too focused on the destination and how to get there instead of the journey, and this life is a constant journey just like fitness. There is no destination. You will NEVER reach the end. You will NEVER get to a point where you just stop taking care of your body. It’s a journey and a fulfilling one when you are surrounded by people who are equally as passionate about inspiring and helping others.

I know what it’s like to feel “lost” and to feel alone. I lived most of my life feeling this way and still struggle, but God is truly doing a work in me to show me that HE has a greater purpose for my life and that HE has a clear path for me to follow. I trust him not because he’s given me “things” but because I FEEL fulfilled when I am doing what I know brings Him glory. The scary, the new, the thing that allow me to grow and see him more clearly are the things that affirm I’m on the right path.

While my “job” is to reach out and help people lose weight, inches, feel better from the inside out with whole food nutrition, I can use this opportunity to encourage and build up at the same time. I can share that we aren’t alone and that we aren’t meant to do this life alone. We all have a purpose and when we are living that purpose it’s easy to wake up everyday excited about where we will be sent. And one of the greatest joys is to see others believe in themselves and realize that they CAN impact and they CAN help others in such a simple way. THAT is what brings me so much joy….that lightbulb….that realization that “wow, this is so fun….the message I received brought me to tears because I know that I’ve helped her….” WOW.

So, I’ll do my workouts consistently and continue to set new goals, I’ll share, and inspire others to see the value in sharing how they feel from the inside out….why? Because I can see that God is using THIS opportunity for his glory.

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