Why Not You?

beachI mean seriously, pinch me. There I was, on the beach with incredible friends and family I hadn’t known just 2 years ago. I watched as they laughed and joked and encouraged one another. Another free trip earned doing what I love.  I was surrounded by encouragement, inspiration and everywhere I went I was accepted and known. What an incredible feeling to be where you belong. It’s like the song from Cheers…”don’t you wanna go where everybody knows your name? And they’re always glad you came?” But two years ago no one knew my name and I STILL knew that this was where I was supposed to be. Each day I’m sharpened and challenged in a good way to be a better friend, leader and to reach out and share with people because I want something from them but because I want to encourage them and let them know that someone is there for them; that someone believes in them.

This journey has allowed me to meet incredible people I would NEVER have met, and to develop friendships that I honestly cannot imagine life without! I’ve traveled all over the country experiencing awesome events and I’ve even traveled abroad as a leader in the company. I mean seriously? Is this real? YES! Is it what I expected? NO! I had NO CONCEPT of what to expect because I jumped in as a coach after hearing about the transformations. I’m a sucker for the heart. A sucker for a good story 🙂

Today we talked about transformations within my team of coaches, but I asked people not to focus on their physical transformations. I wanted to hear all about the changes from the inside out. What poured out of people is incredible.  The fact that I’m blessed to know these people and to be a part of their lives is the best gift ever. I honestly pinch myself and cry tears almost everyday when I stop and reflect and thank God for putting me on this path and allowing me to experience this journey. I know that He is continuously using me and I’m excited about what’s to come.

“On top of all of my physical changes I’m learning to believe, breath, and trust myself. And that just might be even better then losing a few pounds and gaining muscle.”

“I’m learning to trust, believe and have faith in myself and what I’m doing! Yes it takes work, lots of it, but it is so worth it once you help that person reach a goal! How awesome to help somebody to become better because of something you helped them with!! Amazing!”

Just 3 short months ago I was depressed. NO energy. NO motivation. Naps EVERYDAY. I hated working out, but even more I hated not feeling like I had purpose. I was STRUGGLING for air. I was GIVING, but I was not RECEIVING. I had a false sense of what is was to be a LIFE giver…GIVE. GIVE. GIVE. Right?! WRONG!
You see, you can fully give until you make sure you are full of AIR. Until YOU are breathing LIFE first. I was running on borrowed oxygen. I needed SOMETHING…fast!

I took a step of faith. I did something that I NEVER imagined doing. Hey, I was desperate! A dear friend reached out with an OPPORTUNITY. I said YES. Not even knowing what I was getting into, but desperate for change. Its called FAITH.
Fast Forward 3 Months:
I am in the BEST shape of my life! MENTALLY, I am UNSTOPPABLE! I have vision. I have GOALS. I have BIG dreams and I have the mindset to ACHIEVE them. My one crazy decision to do the thing I HATED, that I DESPISED (fitness) is INSPIRING others to TRANSFORM THEIR LIVES. Mind and body they are changing!! They are FINDING THEIR STORIES! Changing their lives, their families lives as they are INSPIRING people around them! It is UNREAL what I see, what I hear and what I get to be a part of.”

The best part of what I do isn’t the trips, the income or the perks. It’s the day to day interaction with individuals who are not only selfless enough to help others, they are experiencing and celebrating their own victories. A family is restored, a mother finds strength, and a life is changed to be used to inspire others. I could keep sharing these stories because there are many more, but what I really want to make sure and get across is that I’m not special. I don’t have any special training….but I do work hard and I do sacrifice because I believe in this opportunity so much and in these people so much and in the God who has blessed me with this team SO MUCH that I run after my goals (I HAVE GOALS NOW) and I believe in the possibilities and I KNOW that everyday will be a blessing!

So as I sit here reflecting on ONE HECK OF A DAY, I want to be sure you know how incredible you are and how the opportunity to be a life-changer is available to everyone. Each of the people whose stories I shared above made a choice. They jumped and on the way they allowed themselves to break through the mundane, the boring, the tired and the worn to LIFE!

Is it easy to jump? HECK NO!

Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!


Some of the incredible ladies who have JUMPED and their lives are forever changed from the inside out. I only knew 3 of them 3 years ago… and this is just a handful of the amazing people God has brought into my life!

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