I dreamed of Paris…..

When you’re little IMG_9857you dream, you play, you imagine and you make believe because you want to be the princess in the story, or the hero who saves the day. You want to grow up and be the strong fireman, or the president of the United States because for whatever reason those people excite you and you want to be like them.  Point is, most kids have imaginations and those imaginations take them places they might never actually go….but they have a belief that they are those amazing things/people/creatures!

Then you grow up. Life isn’t easy, it’s not always fair and there are definitely lessons daily. Sometimes the ability to dream is overshadowed by real life, real responsibilities, real hurts and real disappointments. So we stop dreaming because it’s just easier NOT to set ourselves up for yet another failure. WOW.

But what if it was more fun to hold onto dreams and what if it was more fun to believe that there is MORE waiting for you each day if you truly believe that you have a divine purpose. Do you think you might start to dream? Believe in the impossible? What if we didn’t allow one trip or stumble hold us down but we got back up and kept putting one foot in front of the other because we just knew that our journey wasn’t finished? I heard a wonderful analogy the other day and it has to do with personalities, but I took it one step further. Think of water. Think of how it flows around obstacles even creating it’s own path sometimes. It come come out of rocks finds a way to reach its destination no matter what. It might take time to get there but water never gives up.

When I was in elementary school my science fair project was on erosion. I had a rock tumbler at the time because I loved polished stones. I loved how you could take something not-so-pretty and after a while the rough edges would be worn down and the color would change and a new thing would form from something that wouldn’t have caused anyone to notice it before. And after a little buff and shine this new polished stone was full of colors, dimension. And it got me thinking that that’s just like us. A little rough, a little worn but over time as we are molded and shaped and given the chance to transform then we are beautiful inside and out.

So back to dreaming 🙂 Last year, I was able to go on the trip of a lifetime with the company I represent. What an honor. As one of the top 10 coaches in the entire company I was given this opportunity to go to Italy and while it was incredible something was missing. The trip itself WAS a dream trip. It’s always been my dream to go to Italy and see the countryside, the vineyards, go to Rome and drink (literally) it all in. But my husband wasn’t able to go. After all his travels around the world, I was finally able to go and he couldn’t. After the trip I decided that no matter what I was going to recreate this first class once in a lifetime trip for us. I didn’t know when, how, or what it would entail but I was committed to doing it for us. I worked hard, and focused on helping others and I also took time to work on me. I set my site on going and bought tickets! EEEK! I did it. I jumped. I didn’t know if he could go, or what the future would look like for us 9 months ahead but I did it. I mean someone would go with me if he couldn’t right?  Now here we are….we leave today. First class to Paris. A trip for us and I’m beside myself that it hasn’t been taken away….that he can actually go….that we have support and peace of mind for our kiddos, and that this is actually happening. More than anything I just wanted to create some memories that were OURS.

So, dreams do come true. They might take a while to be a reality but just like water if you persist  and follow your purpose….with passion…and if you flow around obstacles and keep your eyes on the end in mind you will find a way.

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