The view is worth the climb

My husband and I have been in France for 5 days and it feels like a lifetime because we have gone, done, and taken theIMG_0267 time to experience and drink in the sights, tastes and sounds of this incredibly beautiful country.

Yesterday was our first full day in Marseille and we had ambitions plans with the first stop being Cassis specifically to hike to The Calanques (the two coves). Well I love to hike and was on board immediately. Driving to Cassis was beautiful with rolling hills as we headed closer to the Mediterranean. The hillsides were dotted with vineyards, beautiful Chateaus and then there it was….the beautiful blue Mediterranean Ocean. As we descended into the city we found a market, shops, and then the port with colorful fishing boats and restaurants facing the water. We grabbed a trail map from the tourisIMG_0274m office and off we went, but not before grabbing a baguette, water and fruit. Voila.

Because we were enamored with our surroundings we became “lost” quickly but were still headed in the right direction so we went with it. When we finally reached the trail head I looked around to see that no one else was taking our path. Everyone else was coming from a different direction or headed off on a flat path. Our past said DANGER, with a big RED X, loose rocks, falling rocks and a very steep climb. Chris kept saying, “but we will be able to see from the top and we will have an incredible view. We just have to climb a little. ” Again, I’m all about hiking and trying new things, forging new paths, etc., but this path was loose, and we slipped a lot but kept climbing up. He was right though, as we came over the crest we were speechless. The first cove was a blue I cannot even describe to you and yes we took pictures 🙂 LOTS of pictures. I even stopped and did a few handstands 🙂

IMG_0281                                        As we continued the path became even more rocky and difficult. I stopped because I thought “what a great visual for anyone working towards a goal. The path was at time painful and I found myself  timid at times as I looked for a stable surface, or I was being purposeful about my steps which was taking a little longer. Isn’t that how a journey begins? You’re trying to figure out your way and how you will “attack” this “hill” ahead of you. My husband ahead was slipping and so I took the time to makIMG_0286e my own path after watching him struggle. Again, that’s part a journey! You learn from others, and from your own mistakes. You might need to take breaks and reassess your situation, and you learn along the way that you might need to make your own path and go at your own pace. You’ll get to the top, but you might not bet there at the same time as someone else. It’s ok. Your crest and your view await.You’ll find others to go at your pace and you’ll meet people along the way who appreciate your pace and want to work WITH you…all about the journey.


As we reached the top we stopped and looked out over the cliffs into the beautiful sea….and just paused for a few minutes to drink it all in. A little further and we could see the second cove, but again, not without a little hike and a few slips on the smooth marble that had been traveled by many before us. I saw others slipping and decided to make a new path. So what if it wasn’t THE PATH. I could see that it was going to get me where I needed to go without struggling as other weIMG_0282re. Again, the view was spectacular and the colors in the water were from a dream.

On the way down, there were various groups of people descending after swimming in the cove and you could hear some of them (mostly younger people) complaining and arguing as they navigated the path. It was slippery! Then there were others (more experienced climbers) who took their own path and were faster with their descent. And then others who were very slow but steady. Everyone would make it to the bottom, but those who complained were stuck for a while…complaining which others were making it happen and finding a way down; even helping one another so one wouldn’t fall.

What a perfect picture of a team, working together for a goal or a singular person working on their goals and finding their own way.

The journey is definitely worth the view once you reach your goal…but don’t stop thereIMG_0292. There are many other places you can go, things you can see and feats you can achieve. Take the knowledge from your first climb and use it for your second and third….etc.

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