Ready to CIZE IT UP!!!??

Next week I’ll be with Shaun T, live in the CIZE certification learning how to teach this program to ANYONE. That’s what I love about this. Dancing is FUN, it’s an awesome way to sweat and get fit without lifting a weight. MOVING is exercise and doing it to music while laughing and having a great time is THE BEST. So I’m excited to be able to bring this to others and share even if I’m not the best dancer. WHO CARES? Having fun with fitness is the goal, right?

cize 2So, as I get ready to head to Nashville I’m super excited to share that the CIZE test group is now open. I’ll be doing this WITH YOU in August after the program launches July 20! I am now accepting applications for my CIZE LAUNCH SUPPORT AND ACCOUNTABILITY group starting the 20th of July with plan and prep, August 3rd starts the workouts! I’m so excited!

The excitement about this program is pretty awesome. So many are ready to dance their way fit and why not? It’s FUN to dance when no one is watching, or involved the family! And I mean who doesn’t love to just DANCE? I could dance for hours because I LOVE music and love feeling that beat!

The program includes 8 dance workouts and goodness those last 4 are a little advanced! But who doesn’t love a challenge right? I’m sensing a flashmob scene. Get your friends and family together to learn with you and then ROCK that wedding reception, or high school reunion. WHATEVER! Make it fun, and dance it out. The dance craze is HUGE and what’s so exciting is that people of ANY age can dance! This is definitely a family-style program and Iv’e seen so many kids and parents getting in on the action together and laughing while workout out ….ooops….dancing! Don’t tell anyone I said “working out!”


Check it out! Shaun T explains it BEST! “it’s not about doing push up, it’s not about doing jumps, it’s about moving to the beat!” LOVE THIS!!!!


The minute I start this workout I feel happier! Seriously – it’s such a mood boost it’s not even funny (well the dancing part is funny)  I mean it’s called the end of exercise for reason…because you don’t feel like you’re working out.

If you’re wondering HOW….well here you go: It’s a fun workout that is broken down into steps for the any “dancer” at any level.  It’s not about the crazy push ups and diamond jumps… its about focusing on the beat and getting into the moves.  Just move to the beat. Period. You’ll be sweating and working towards your fitness goals without feeling like you’re working out!

The workouts range from 35-40 minutes in length and the program is 4 weeks long but you can definitely extend it as you are learning the moves.  Cize is choreographed to the latest pop music that Shaun T has picked out (and the man knows his music!)

“it’s super fun, you don’t even realize you’re working out!”

Cize is coming out in July and it could even be sooner than the specified date of July 20th!  So you definitely want to get on this list for the details.  I will be sending out an email with the package options and ordering details as soon as I know more next week!  cize 1

What are the requirements?

The requirements to participate in this group is that you must be a customer of mine to participate.  If you do not have a Team Beachbody Coach you can create an account here:
Each participant is required to get the Cize Package that includes the entire workout program, nutrition guide, DVDs, schedule of the workouts, plus the Shakeology and this comes in a package called a challenge pack with discounted shipping!  This gives you access to my exclusive Launch Group where you will get daily 1:1 mentoring from me and support from others just like you that are working towards crushing their health and fitness goals.  You will log in daily and receive tips from me plus daily accountability and support!

Does this sound like something you would like to do?  If so, please complete the application below ASAP and I will be in contact with you to add you to the group!!!

This is my first attempt at CIZE and it was awesome. I WAS A MESS….and y’all….it might look like it….(ha) but I have NO dance training. I know….from my sick moves you thought I was a pro. HA! Shaun T makes you look GOOD 🙂


“Cize will change the way you workout forever.”

**This is not for those that are already coaches, please refrain from completing the application if you are already a Team Beachbody Coach.

So if Cize sounds like a workout you would like to rock out to then I’m inviting you to get on the CIZE list today!

It could be released as early as the 15th of July! So don’t wait, you don’t want to miss out on the CIZE fun!!

“Yo this ain’t no cha-cha-cha!”



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