J is for Jesus, O is for OTHERS, Y is for You….

This is one of the cheers that was popular at the camp where I met my husband during the summer of 1997. We were counselors at a Christian sports camp and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life. During Fire Up the boys would yell “Joy Joy Joy all that Joy Joy Joy” while the girls yelled “J- is for Jesus, O-is for Others, Y aye aye aye aye aye aye is for YOU YOU YOU!” So true! And so awesome to see kids jumping up and down and screaming a cheer focusing on focusing on others (did that sound right?). Put it all together and it spells Joy (I know…cheesy). So when your job produces joy when you are other-focused it’s just so cool to help others see that same JOY!

Tonight after a kinda rough day, my kiddo came running downstairs so excited about something. Her mood was completely changed and she wanted to share. She was so excited to help a friend of hers, and be a part of a surprise. Precious. She even said “I was all blah and now I’m just EEEEEE” because I am so excited! That’s what I love about sharing with others and celebrating their joy….you are focused on their excitement, their victories and on seeing them so happy that you forget about your own disappointments.

Just like the cheer says. When you focus on JESUS and share with others, YOU experience complete JOY. It all goes together .

J is for JESUS

O is for OTHERS

Y is for YOU

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