Refreshing from the inside out!

Refresh complete!!!! Finished off the last delicious vanilla fresh last night and woke up to lean and refreshed….up and at ’em for the first day of school and pretty pleased with myself for sticking with it!!!. Exactly what I needed after travel, end of summer treats and lack of sleep staying up late watching movies 🙂 
Sometimes you push hard and burn out your body….you just need to take a little time to love on it. It responds 🙂 
***It’s only 3 days and it’s food and fuel!!! But think about these things because NOTHING is a quick fix and results you see don’t happen overnight….they take time, effort, consistency and WORK! 
Here’s the truth:
**I drink wine
**My nutrition is 80-20% meaning 80% “on” and 20% “off” but that’s balance! 
**I work out 30 minutes a day
**I’m vegan 
**I don’t drink soda
**I do like the occasional cup of coffee
**One of my meals DAILY for the past 3 years has been Shakeology® because I haven’t found anything better and it’s helped me from the inside out (making it in a few minutes).
**I lift weights but not HEAVY weights
**I’m 38 years old and mother of two and I work out from home 99% of the time. 
**I love helping people have their own success story.
Lost 3 inches and what’s more important to me. I FEEL clean. Ya know? Can you just think about that for a sec? Not sluggish, ya’ know? 
WHY NOT YOU!?!?!?!?!

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