Things I’m Learning….I am enough.

I began this blog to share my heart and to share things I’ve learned; to inspire others and share motivation. But along the way I let doubt and fear creep in and I stopped posting and stopped sharing. I allowed negativity and others opinions to affect me to the point where I didn’t believe that what I had to say would
be received by anyone; that I couldn’t possibly help anyone. I’m learning. I’m learning daily. I’m growing daily.

Recently I’ve been reading more, studying, and speaking positively to myself. I am stepping out more in faith and I’m believing that each step I take is one more step forward on the path God has placed my feet. I’m on this journey for a reason. I’ve been given this opportunity for a reason.

In the past three years I’ve undergone a lot of change physically, spiritually and emotionally. Looking back it’s interesting to recount each experience and memory and see how one decision has greatly impacted me and my family. Listening to a podcast today I was struck by how much I related with the speaker. How much I truly want to be valued and respected and appreciated; and how I’ve allowed my passion and desire to work and work hard to define me and my worth. I’m not my job. I’m me. I’m flawed, imperfect, passionate, stubborn, competitive, emotional, and relentless. And God doesn’t make mistakes. I’m exactly who He made me to be.

One crazy step of faith three years ago put me on this path to fulfill and live out a purpose I’ve been blindly working towards my entire life. I joined with others who believe that fitness, accountability, nutrition and encouragement can truly impact peoples lives in more ways than just physically. I saw and still see the results and the affects that one person can have on one, two, five, twenty individuals and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Ive been given the opportunity to be an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle and that I’ve been allowed to share my faith openly to inspire and motivate others.

team 2


Embracing this opportunity has not only allowed me to gain confidence, it’s allowed me to become a more encouraging and empathetic person. It’s given me the opportunity to work towards goals believing that they will be realities. And it’s allowed me the change to have dreams KNOWING that dreams do come true. How do I know this? Because I’ve lived it and watched others live it.

The me of three years ago was:

closed off




in debt

unable to dream

without desire for anything more


found worth in the approval of others

And it’s funny to me to think back and remember that person because she was faking it. She was putting on a happy face and going through the motions. Life wasn’t bad….but I was lost. I mean I feel like for Christians we will never feel like this place is ever home because we are called to something greater. But I felt lost.

You cannot puIMG_9962t a price on growth and you cannot put a price on experiences, but you can acknowledge that when you do something you love you don’t feel like you’re working. You feel like you are investing in lives. You feel like you are making a difference and that you are impacting people to the nth degree. Income or a quick fix was never a part of this journey. In fact, I jumped into this opportunity with both feet not having ever tried Shakeology. But I was led to be a part of this community and this family of support and encouragement and CHANGE. I knew I had to be a part of it. I KNEW I had to learn more and experience it. So I jumped. I listened to people talk about Shakeology® and what it had done for them and so I trusted and I believed. I’d never tried it before but what a blessing it has been at the perfect time for me. What I experienced was relief, greater health, and solutions to problems doctors couldn’t help me with. I’ve accepted myself and no longer have to fit a mold or a size or a weight to be accepted. I’m me. I’m enough. 

In the past few years my focus has changed. I love helping my team, I love meeting new people and I’m ok with just sharing my quirky self. I hope that my journey will inspire someone else to take that fist step in their job, their fitness, their relationships, their faith, and perhaps take steps to join my THRIVE team. But really what I want is to make a difference.

The me of today is:


flawed (and it’s ok)

confident (but still quiet at first)

strong inside and out (but still growing)

healthy (finally)

unafraid to share

unafraid to learn

a leader

a provider

a partner (I finally feel like I’m doing more to contribute to our family). You might not get this but please understand. As a mother and wife I have purpose….but I needed something more especially when the kids went to school and the hubby deployed.

a confident mother who teacher her kids to stand up for themselves, and is proud of the people these children are becoming.

an encourager (a skill I’ve had to learn).

italy dinner


Looking back I’ve seen, tasted and watched more of life than I can remember in the previous 35 years. I’ve cried more happy tears and I’ve felt more peace than ever. I’ve also been tested and refined and will continue to be (but that’s a part of growth, right?) Even though my season right now is one of reflection, I know me. I know who I am and I know WHOSE I am. I know that what I have to share makes a difference and I’m thankful daily that I have this opportunity to not only share my heart but I have grace to fail forward.

You might be seeking and wondering and wanting to know more about my journey and how you can step out and be your boss, setting your hours, living your dreams and impacting others. If you are then please fill out the form below and I would love to meet you. It’s one of the many joys of coaching….the freedom to meet new people and impact lives.

I began this site as a way to share my story but got lost somewhere in the writing down and telling of it because I listened to others and allowed negativity to affect me . But by God’s grace I’m saved, learning and growing daily despite my failures and shortcomings. My journey and my
leadership are different from others and it’s ok. My journey doesn’t have to look like someone else’s and it won’t.


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