Big Buts

And I’m not talking about Sir Mix A-Lot……

We all have one. We might have several. Ours might even by ugly. BIG BUTS. They are limiting behaviors; self-limiting talk! I listened to a sermon on this very topic and chuckled at the title but couldn’t stop writing, reflecting and thinking about my own BUTS and the buts of others. See how this can be funny? Never gets old.

I used to think that no one would want me with all of my cracks and my flaws. I used to believe in the negative talk I fed myself, or the negative talk of others. I believed the doubt and fear and that held me back from believing in my potential and gifts. I “settled” for a lot of things or took the easy way. I put limitations on myself…..therefore putting limitations on God.

See here’s the thing with God. He doesn’t have limits and he calls people with flaws and cracks so that HE can use them and equip them for HIS calling and HIS greatness. WOW. I mean just think about that for a second….a minute….or longer. Marinate in it. YOU with all of your flaws and cracks are perfectly equipped for HIS (and we’re talking like He’s a big deal and can do anything through you) greatness.

So I wanted to share a few of the notes I took…..if I can read the scribbles I wrote.

When you are weak and doubting your purpose and ability remember Exodus 3:14 “I AM” meaning “I AM all that you will ever need!” That all-encompassing description of God. I AM_______don’t you love it?

Think about your perceived limitations. Think about the things you count as your limitations, your flaws, your past disappointments or the excuses that you give when you are faced with something new. Think about your BUTS.

“But I don’t have enough time.”

“But I don’t have the resources.”

“But I don’t know the right people.”

“But I’m not educated”

“But I’ve never done something like that before.”

“But I don’t have enough money.”

“But I don’t know where to start.”

The list is quiet possibly endless right? We all have BUTS, and they are ugly. We think it’s easy to give excuses than it is to face the possibility that we are called and equipped with gifts according to HIS purpose and HIS calling for your life.

Think of this. “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-rsurpasing power is from God and not from us.” 2 Corinthians 4:7cracked pot

I’ve always wondered what that meant but never really tool the time to investigate. Did it have something to do with “I am the potter you are the clay?” No not really. Think of a clay pot. This of it’s unique features and flaws. Think of the possible chips and cracks and how it leaks when filled with water. We are those cracked pots, purposefully created flaws and all created to show HIS glory through our flaws and weaknesses. Think of a pumpkin (like how I threw pumpkin into this….tis the season) and how we carve them and shave them decoratively then insert a light. The light only shines where we have made cuts and carvings. We stand back and admire the effort, the talent and the new creation. pumpkin


We are those cracked pots, those carvings that shine light through our flaws, cracks and broken places.

Back to your BUT (see…..still funny).

If your But is bigger than your WHY, then your BUT is too big. It gets in the way of YOU living a victorious LIFE then your But has gotta go.

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