Running ragged

‘Tis the season of burning the candle at both ends. Between sports practices in different cities that start thirty minutes apart, homework that lasts for hours and emotions/stress from the new school year it’s easy to fall onto the couch at the end of the day and not care about the remaining things on your to-do list.

You had such good intentions the night before when you very neatly printed out everything you needed to accomplish and knew you could, and then what? Life happened. The alarm didn’t go off, and the practice shirt wasn’t where you remembered leaving it. Or homework lasted an hour over and now you have a very frustrated and tired child pushing bedtime way past the limit of sanity.

As moms, we get it. We’ve been there and if you haven’t been there you will be someday. No life is picture perfect and if you think it is you are on the outside looking in. No one has it all together because it’s impossible have it all together. Life doesn’t work that way. Dinner plans don’t happen because you forgot to thaw the chicken or a child is complaining that they are hungry NOW and don’t want to wait for you to cook. So you throw together leftovers and call it good praying that you can pick off enough unbruised and green grapes to warrant a full serving/full plate. Sometimes you just do what you have to do in the moment and that’s ok. It doesn’t require approval form others and you shouldn’t feel like a horrible mother/parent because you didn’t cook. And yes, I do think that a frozen pizza is considered cooking most soccer nights. All the major food groups are represented on one doughy disc. WIN!

So why is it that we feel we have to measure up to someone else’s standards? Why do we cut each other down or judge one another when we know full well we don’t have it all together? Why do we look around comparing ourselves to others, with only the ability to see a limited view. Reality is very different from perception. So we feel that we are failing our families and children when we are really just trying to survive the week!

I love that I’m able to work from home, but I still have mounds and mounds of laundry staring at me and children wondering where their shorts are. Is spraying them with Febreeze enough in a pinch? Perhaps? My point is that my job is centered around fitness so people hold me to a higher standard thinking that I have it all together because I’m home. BAH! Not at all the case. Life trumps perfection and God gives grace. Sometimes I’m starting into the fridge attempting to be creative and quick in order to check the “feed your kids” box for the evening and that’s ok. And We are frantically searching through laundry baskets looking for the one shirt required for practice. We are stressed and hurried and it’s our own doing.

I don’t think that working moms, or stay at home moms can really compare or critique one another because we all have our own individual struggles. It’s about grace and support. We’ve all been there. We get it! We live it….so why do we think we have to appear stronger or more capable than the next person. We are HOT MESSES and that’s ok! How about a little understanding and compassion for our fellow mamas?

I’m blessed to have a group of ladies who build me up and encourage me. A core group of people who are mostly moms and who “do this life” with me understanding that we don’t have it together and that’s OK! We make it work leaning on God to provide the strength and the grace. And if I’m seeking God’s strength and grace then no one else’s opinion or cut-down matters. Do you, unapologetically!

And if you’re looking for a place to encourage you, build you up, challenge you and give you the opportunity to work on your fitness goals both physically and spiritually then fill out the form below 🙂 Using your passion to fulfill your purpose is one of the most incredible feelings, and when you are able to impact others AND affect change in your family then you are not only changing the lives of others you are changing your family’s future!

Follow your calling, whatever that is. NO one can question THAT!

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