How to Avoid the Temporary High.

The real focus shouldn’t be getting through the holidays in order to start focusing on you it should be focusing on what you can do right now to help yourself be successful DURING the holiday season. It’s not like it’s a surprise that it’s the holidays season and that this typically means more treats, sweets, alcohol, and needing to fit into party clothes for office functions and even school parties. Yes moms, we might want to show up in something other than yoga pants when we volunteer at the school party, and what if nothing fits? What it we don’t want to go because we don’t like how we feel right now? And on another note….we can also suggest that school abandon the thinking that kids need junk to party.

You can’t escape the marketing of sweets, treats, and other things to draw you in and make you think that you have to decorate your house from top to bottom with a new kind of pumpkin that lights up. Everywhere we look we’ll find temptation. ‘Tis the season for overspending and losing focus on your goals. So I have a challenge for you.

Commit to take care of you. Commit to taking care of YOU and commit to adopting a few new behaviors that will not only help you sleep better but will increase your energy and your drive to show up for YOU and those around you daily. This season your focus could be to maintain and even improve on your goals instead of backsliding like so many do. I’m guilty too! I rationalize that these holidays happen once a year, or we only eat these things at Christmas and Thanksgiving…but then it feels like it takes us all year to get back to where we were BEFORE the holidays started. Why work so hard and then justify a temporary high and months of “getting it back?” You can enjoy the holidays without blowing it.

  1. Plan your meals so that you are taken care of no matter where you are. Know what your body needs to function and know where you’ll be when it’s time for snacks and meals so that you can plan accordingly. Don’t be afraid or timid about bringing your own food places. You are absolutely able to do that because you have specific goals to achieve. But if you are going out with friends or family know what you should order and don’t be sucked into peer pressure or old favorites.
  2. Set aside 30-60 minutes for your exercise daily. This can be taking a walk, run, weights, program from home, working out with a friend, etc. you get the idea. MOVE and burn some calories. Get your insides moving as well! I work out from home daily and am in the best shape ever! I have saved so much money doing this because I don’t drive to a gym, don’t waste time talking, and I’m in and out with my own bathroom to run to if I need to go!
  3. HYDRATE and I don’t mean only when you’re thirsty. You should be drinking water throughout the day and cutting the sugary drinks! Sodas and other high sodium beverages dehydrate and leave you thirsty more often….wanting another soda. Funny how that works huh? GENIUS! A drink that makes you feel satisfied but actually makes you MORE thirsty! WATER is best and 1/2 your body weight in ounces. WHAT? Yes, so a 150 pound person should try to consume AT LEAST 75 oz. of water daily. You’ll feel better, digest easier, your skin will be healthier and you will flush your system of impurities!
  4. FEED YOUR BODY WHOLE FOODS. Focus on fresh and focus on natural and not over-processed products full of fillers and sugars. Those weigh you down and give you temporary energy and then a crash. But whole foods provide sustained energy! Everyday I make sure to take care of me and I feel and look younger than I did just a few years ago! Investing in your healthy is SO important and it doesn’t have to break the bank! Think of all you save when you aren’t filling your body with junk all day. Purposeful nutrition that provides energy and other health benefits! My digestive system works after years of pain and bloating. My hair is healthier and grows like crazy and my nails are stronger and skin healthier than ever. When others are sick, I’m well and strong and people ask me if I take multivitamins and supplements. Nope. Just one whole food meal replacement daily and then whole foods throughout the day. I can share with you if you email me at
  5. Surround yourself with those who will life you up and encourage you in your goals! This life shouldn’t be lived alone and there is strength in numbers! Invite a friend over to workout, have an accountability partner come over to prep meals with you and even text each other daily just to make sure you’re on track!
  6. CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS! HELLO… you have you eye on a cute little number for the holiday Christmas party? GO AFTER IT and then enjoy the confidence and new healthy YOU you have IN that dress!


I know you can do it. I know you can focus on YOU and goals other than making another wreath for the door that cost you $50 in supplies at the craft store. I you honestly don’t need 20 pumpkins on the front porch that will rot and then stain your concrete (it might have happened to me). Think of ways you can improve your LONG TERM self by saving on the temporary highs.


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