You have the Gift!

The Journey….

Life is a Highway…so
get in the car!

Feeling like we have control is fake. Feeling like we have any kind of say in the next step of our journey, is misplaced. There’s always a curve ball. Always a surprise waiting ahead and always something we weren’t expecting in our future. The cool thing is that we are equipped to handle these curveballs and surprises even if we don’t FEEL like we are ready.

When God brings a circumstance that requires HIM it’s a chance to rely on the gifts and skills he’s given us. When we have that feeling of needing help or needing answers he’s reminding us that he’s already given us the tools and the equipment to succeed and grow through this next experience. God uses the lessons and the growth to show us that we can do all things through HIM who gives us strength because our human minds cannot fathom succeeding at something new or unknown.

I am ready an awesome book that is challenging me and also affirming what I already know. I don’t have the answers, and I have a lot of growing to do. HA! I mean duh.

The song “Life is a Highway” comes to mind. It’s a journey; an unknown journey. It’s about the experience and not the destination even though we KNOW where the destination ultimately leads…..where you’re supposed to be…..which is kinda comforting!
“So let God take you on adventures you never expected and lead you to places you never dreamed were even out there. And even if you get off track for a while, he’ll always be willing to get you back to where you’re supposed to be. Life is not about standing still. It’s about moving forward. Don’t let “perfection” paralyze you. Get in the car and enjoy the ride.”
LOVE IT! God will take us places we never dreamed were even out there! That’s exciting! And he’ll provide opportunities daily to experience HIS will if we allow him to move. DANG I cannot wait! I mean seriously, isn’t that exciting to think about? You don’t have to answer. I know the answer. YES!

The past few years have been the most incredible journey and I’m not just talking about the travel, I’m talking about the challenges and the experiences. I’m talking about the growth as a mom, friend, leader, mentor, Christian, and woman. I’m talking about liking myself and owning my dreams and embracing the journey.

“Life is not about standing still. It’s about moving forward. Don’t let “perfection” paralyze you. Get in the car and enjoy the ride.”

Quotes from “You are Loved Not Matter What” by Holley Gerth.

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