Bloom Where You’re Planted

Me1In college I was told I write best from personal experience; that my story leaps off the page. I’ll never forget how that stuck with me and how that one comment encouraged me to tell my story the rest of my life. But somewhere along the way I stopped writing and stopped sharing and stopped being me.

My life as a military wife has been and continues to be a blessing despite the ups and downs. I’m sure we can all relate to this on some level in our own lives. But, I never believed that I had the freedom to have dreams or live a life that was mine. I didn’t know who I was, what I liked, or if it was ok to like what I liked. Oh dear that’s confusing, but you know what I mean? Basically I questioned everything and couldn’t commit to anything. I’m a great rule follower and I thrive when I’m given a task and told “good job.” People pleaser, much?

I took jobs just to do something and stay busy but most times the jobs didn’t help our family. In fact they actually hurt us because they took away valuable time from my kids. I was just talking with someone today who said “aren’t you glad you can be available for your kids on your time.” Yes, I AM! It hasn’t always been this way. Up early to run, get kids ready, spend all day working, homework, activities, food on the go and then collapsing into bed or staying up way too late just to have some quiet time was NOT a quality life. And when my husband was gone, it was all on me. So many men and women understand what it’s like to be a single parent and I can relate on a different level. Kids would ask “when is daddy coming home?” and I wouldn’t know the answer. Or “where is daddy?” and I couldn’t tell or didn’t know. aAnd I honestly didn’t and still don’t know if he’ll make it back next time but we have faith that God is in control and that He has provided for our every need.

Three years ago I faced the fear of having nothing to look forward to. No job, no way to help our family out of debt and I was lost. What did I want to do? I didn’t know. I’d never taken the time to even think about longterm.

One decision to follow a passion; a passion for fitness, turned into the very thing that saved my family from debt, allowed us to have freedom and gave me the ability to dream. When God opens a door and you jump, it truly is the most amazing feeling. Fear is gone and purpose remains.

This journey is one that I love sharing and enjoy inviting others to experience. The family that has been born from that one jump is the family I’ve craved and wanted as we’ve moved every few years. I have a place of encouragement and motivation wherever I go, and I’m available to my kids when they need me. I’m on my time; our time, and it’s incredible.

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