Jump….then Fly.

FullSizeRenderIt’s completely crazy to think about all that is about to take place. I have to say I’m truly grateful for the freedom that I have to work from home, run things to my kids, pick them up from school, pick them up from practices and attend parent meetings and such and even be available to help others.

But a BIG dream is coming true for us…..again. When we found out we were moving to the beach we were overjoyed (finally no more desert). We love it here. We love the community, the weather, the scenery, and the ability to jump in the car and be on the most beautiful beaches in the world. Being near the water is peaceful, calming and healing and I go there frequently to listen to the water, and watch LIFE happen. My kids love to be outside with the paddle boards, longboards, skateboards (we like boards) and we have that freedom here.

This week our house is going on the market. And before you say “I thought you just renovated it,” we know. But when God offers you the opportunity to spread your wings and embrace a BIG DREAM you jump and have faith that God will bless this dream because it came from him.

So as this unfolds I’ll be sharing with you, but again….one opportunity to do something I’m passionate about has been the most incredible blessing to me and many others, and it’s blessing my family over and over. It’s incredible, and I know it’s my WHY because just thinking out the impact made on my family brings me to tears. This week a friend thanked me for having the courage to chase my dreams because it has changed her life. WOW. Just think about that. One person can affect and impact many and change lives just by taking the first step.

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