Jump….then Fly.

FullSizeRenderIt’s completely crazy to think about all that is about to take place. I have to say I’m truly grateful for the freedom that I have to work from home, run things to my kids, pick them up from school, pick them up from practices and attend parent meetings and such and even be available to help others.

But a BIG dream is coming true for us…..again. When we found out we were moving to the beach we were overjoyed (finally no more desert). We love it here. We love the community, the weather, the scenery, and the ability to jump in the car and be on the most beautiful beaches in the world. Being near the water is peaceful, calming and healing and I go there frequently to listen to the water, and watch LIFE happen. My kids love to be outside with the paddle boards, longboards, skateboards (we like boards) and we have that freedom here.

This week our house is going on the market. And before you say “I thought you just renovated it,” we know. But when God offers you the opportunity to spread your wings and embrace a BIG DREAM you jump and have faith that God will bless this dream because it came from him.

So as this unfolds I’ll be sharing with you, but again….one opportunity to do something I’m passionate about has been the most incredible blessing to me and many others, and it’s blessing my family over and over. It’s incredible, and I know it’s my WHY because just thinking out the impact made on my family brings me to tears. This week a friend thanked me for having the courage to chase my dreams because it has changed her life. WOW. Just think about that. One person can affect and impact many and change lives just by taking the first step.

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Bloom Where You’re Planted

Me1In college I was told I write best from personal experience; that my story leaps off the page. I’ll never forget how that stuck with me and how that one comment encouraged me to tell my story the rest of my life. But somewhere along the way I stopped writing and stopped sharing and stopped being me.

My life as a military wife has been and continues to be a blessing despite the ups and downs. I’m sure we can all relate to this on some level in our own lives. But, I never believed that I had the freedom to have dreams or live a life that was mine. I didn’t know who I was, what I liked, or if it was ok to like what I liked. Oh dear that’s confusing, but you know what I mean? Basically I questioned everything and couldn’t commit to anything. I’m a great rule follower and I thrive when I’m given a task and told “good job.” People pleaser, much?

I took jobs just to do something and stay busy but most times the jobs didn’t help our family. In fact they actually hurt us because they took away valuable time from my kids. I was just talking with someone today who said “aren’t you glad you can be available for your kids on your time.” Yes, I AM! It hasn’t always been this way. Up early to run, get kids ready, spend all day working, homework, activities, food on the go and then collapsing into bed or staying up way too late just to have some quiet time was NOT a quality life. And when my husband was gone, it was all on me. So many men and women understand what it’s like to be a single parent and I can relate on a different level. Kids would ask “when is daddy coming home?” and I wouldn’t know the answer. Or “where is daddy?” and I couldn’t tell or didn’t know. aAnd I honestly didn’t and still don’t know if he’ll make it back next time but we have faith that God is in control and that He has provided for our every need.

Three years ago I faced the fear of having nothing to look forward to. No job, no way to help our family out of debt and I was lost. What did I want to do? I didn’t know. I’d never taken the time to even think about longterm.

One decision to follow a passion; a passion for fitness, turned into the very thing that saved my family from debt, allowed us to have freedom and gave me the ability to dream. When God opens a door and you jump, it truly is the most amazing feeling. Fear is gone and purpose remains.

This journey is one that I love sharing and enjoy inviting others to experience. The family that has been born from that one jump is the family I’ve craved and wanted as we’ve moved every few years. I have a place of encouragement and motivation wherever I go, and I’m available to my kids when they need me. I’m on my time; our time, and it’s incredible.

You have the Gift!

The Journey….

Life is a Highway…so
get in the car!

Feeling like we have control is fake. Feeling like we have any kind of say in the next step of our journey, is misplaced. There’s always a curve ball. Always a surprise waiting ahead and always something we weren’t expecting in our future. The cool thing is that we are equipped to handle these curveballs and surprises even if we don’t FEEL like we are ready.

When God brings a circumstance that requires HIM it’s a chance to rely on the gifts and skills he’s given us. When we have that feeling of needing help or needing answers he’s reminding us that he’s already given us the tools and the equipment to succeed and grow through this next experience. God uses the lessons and the growth to show us that we can do all things through HIM who gives us strength because our human minds cannot fathom succeeding at something new or unknown.

I am ready an awesome book that is challenging me and also affirming what I already know. I don’t have the answers, and I have a lot of growing to do. HA! I mean duh.

The song “Life is a Highway” comes to mind. It’s a journey; an unknown journey. It’s about the experience and not the destination even though we KNOW where the destination ultimately leads…..where you’re supposed to be…..which is kinda comforting!
“So let God take you on adventures you never expected and lead you to places you never dreamed were even out there. And even if you get off track for a while, he’ll always be willing to get you back to where you’re supposed to be. Life is not about standing still. It’s about moving forward. Don’t let “perfection” paralyze you. Get in the car and enjoy the ride.”
LOVE IT! God will take us places we never dreamed were even out there! That’s exciting! And he’ll provide opportunities daily to experience HIS will if we allow him to move. DANG I cannot wait! I mean seriously, isn’t that exciting to think about? You don’t have to answer. I know the answer. YES!

The past few years have been the most incredible journey and I’m not just talking about the travel, I’m talking about the challenges and the experiences. I’m talking about the growth as a mom, friend, leader, mentor, Christian, and woman. I’m talking about liking myself and owning my dreams and embracing the journey.

“Life is not about standing still. It’s about moving forward. Don’t let “perfection” paralyze you. Get in the car and enjoy the ride.”

Quotes from “You are Loved Not Matter What” by Holley Gerth.

How to Avoid the Temporary High.

The real focus shouldn’t be getting through the holidays in order to start focusing on you it should be focusing on what you can do right now to help yourself be successful DURING the holiday season. It’s not like it’s a surprise that it’s the holidays season and that this typically means more treats, sweets, alcohol, and needing to fit into party clothes for office functions and even school parties. Yes moms, we might want to show up in something other than yoga pants when we volunteer at the school party, and what if nothing fits? What it we don’t want to go because we don’t like how we feel right now? And on another note….we can also suggest that school abandon the thinking that kids need junk to party.

You can’t escape the marketing of sweets, treats, and other things to draw you in and make you think that you have to decorate your house from top to bottom with a new kind of pumpkin that lights up. Everywhere we look we’ll find temptation. ‘Tis the season for overspending and losing focus on your goals. So I have a challenge for you.

Commit to take care of you. Commit to taking care of YOU and commit to adopting a few new behaviors that will not only help you sleep better but will increase your energy and your drive to show up for YOU and those around you daily. This season your focus could be to maintain and even improve on your goals instead of backsliding like so many do. I’m guilty too! I rationalize that these holidays happen once a year, or we only eat these things at Christmas and Thanksgiving…but then it feels like it takes us all year to get back to where we were BEFORE the holidays started. Why work so hard and then justify a temporary high and months of “getting it back?” You can enjoy the holidays without blowing it.

  1. Plan your meals so that you are taken care of no matter where you are. Know what your body needs to function and know where you’ll be when it’s time for snacks and meals so that you can plan accordingly. Don’t be afraid or timid about bringing your own food places. You are absolutely able to do that because you have specific goals to achieve. But if you are going out with friends or family know what you should order and don’t be sucked into peer pressure or old favorites.
  2. Set aside 30-60 minutes for your exercise daily. This can be taking a walk, run, weights, program from home, working out with a friend, etc. you get the idea. MOVE and burn some calories. Get your insides moving as well! I work out from home daily and am in the best shape ever! I have saved so much money doing this because I don’t drive to a gym, don’t waste time talking, and I’m in and out with my own bathroom to run to if I need to go!
  3. HYDRATE and I don’t mean only when you’re thirsty. You should be drinking water throughout the day and cutting the sugary drinks! Sodas and other high sodium beverages dehydrate and leave you thirsty more often….wanting another soda. Funny how that works huh? GENIUS! A drink that makes you feel satisfied but actually makes you MORE thirsty! WATER is best and 1/2 your body weight in ounces. WHAT? Yes, so a 150 pound person should try to consume AT LEAST 75 oz. of water daily. You’ll feel better, digest easier, your skin will be healthier and you will flush your system of impurities!
  4. FEED YOUR BODY WHOLE FOODS. Focus on fresh and focus on natural and not over-processed products full of fillers and sugars. Those weigh you down and give you temporary energy and then a crash. But whole foods provide sustained energy! Everyday I make sure to take care of me and I feel and look younger than I did just a few years ago! Investing in your healthy is SO important and it doesn’t have to break the bank! Think of all you save when you aren’t filling your body with junk all day. Purposeful nutrition that provides energy and other health benefits! My digestive system works after years of pain and bloating. My hair is healthier and grows like crazy and my nails are stronger and skin healthier than ever. When others are sick, I’m well and strong and people ask me if I take multivitamins and supplements. Nope. Just one whole food meal replacement daily and then whole foods throughout the day. I can share with you if you email me at
  5. Surround yourself with those who will life you up and encourage you in your goals! This life shouldn’t be lived alone and there is strength in numbers! Invite a friend over to workout, have an accountability partner come over to prep meals with you and even text each other daily just to make sure you’re on track!
  6. CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS! HELLO… you have you eye on a cute little number for the holiday Christmas party? GO AFTER IT and then enjoy the confidence and new healthy YOU you have IN that dress!


I know you can do it. I know you can focus on YOU and goals other than making another wreath for the door that cost you $50 in supplies at the craft store. I you honestly don’t need 20 pumpkins on the front porch that will rot and then stain your concrete (it might have happened to me). Think of ways you can improve your LONG TERM self by saving on the temporary highs.


Big Buts

And I’m not talking about Sir Mix A-Lot……

We all have one. We might have several. Ours might even by ugly. BIG BUTS. They are limiting behaviors; self-limiting talk! I listened to a sermon on this very topic and chuckled at the title but couldn’t stop writing, reflecting and thinking about my own BUTS and the buts of others. See how this can be funny? Never gets old.

I used to think that no one would want me with all of my cracks and my flaws. I used to believe in the negative talk I fed myself, or the negative talk of others. I believed the doubt and fear and that held me back from believing in my potential and gifts. I “settled” for a lot of things or took the easy way. I put limitations on myself…..therefore putting limitations on God.

See here’s the thing with God. He doesn’t have limits and he calls people with flaws and cracks so that HE can use them and equip them for HIS calling and HIS greatness. WOW. I mean just think about that for a second….a minute….or longer. Marinate in it. YOU with all of your flaws and cracks are perfectly equipped for HIS (and we’re talking like He’s a big deal and can do anything through you) greatness.

So I wanted to share a few of the notes I took…..if I can read the scribbles I wrote.

When you are weak and doubting your purpose and ability remember Exodus 3:14 “I AM” meaning “I AM all that you will ever need!” That all-encompassing description of God. I AM_______don’t you love it?

Think about your perceived limitations. Think about the things you count as your limitations, your flaws, your past disappointments or the excuses that you give when you are faced with something new. Think about your BUTS.

“But I don’t have enough time.”

“But I don’t have the resources.”

“But I don’t know the right people.”

“But I’m not educated”

“But I’ve never done something like that before.”

“But I don’t have enough money.”

“But I don’t know where to start.”

The list is quiet possibly endless right? We all have BUTS, and they are ugly. We think it’s easy to give excuses than it is to face the possibility that we are called and equipped with gifts according to HIS purpose and HIS calling for your life.

Think of this. “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-rsurpasing power is from God and not from us.” 2 Corinthians 4:7cracked pot

I’ve always wondered what that meant but never really tool the time to investigate. Did it have something to do with “I am the potter you are the clay?” No not really. Think of a clay pot. This of it’s unique features and flaws. Think of the possible chips and cracks and how it leaks when filled with water. We are those cracked pots, purposefully created flaws and all created to show HIS glory through our flaws and weaknesses. Think of a pumpkin (like how I threw pumpkin into this….tis the season) and how we carve them and shave them decoratively then insert a light. The light only shines where we have made cuts and carvings. We stand back and admire the effort, the talent and the new creation. pumpkin


We are those cracked pots, those carvings that shine light through our flaws, cracks and broken places.

Back to your BUT (see…..still funny).

If your But is bigger than your WHY, then your BUT is too big. It gets in the way of YOU living a victorious LIFE then your But has gotta go.

Running ragged

‘Tis the season of burning the candle at both ends. Between sports practices in different cities that start thirty minutes apart, homework that lasts for hours and emotions/stress from the new school year it’s easy to fall onto the couch at the end of the day and not care about the remaining things on your to-do list.

You had such good intentions the night before when you very neatly printed out everything you needed to accomplish and knew you could, and then what? Life happened. The alarm didn’t go off, and the practice shirt wasn’t where you remembered leaving it. Or homework lasted an hour over and now you have a very frustrated and tired child pushing bedtime way past the limit of sanity.

As moms, we get it. We’ve been there and if you haven’t been there you will be someday. No life is picture perfect and if you think it is you are on the outside looking in. No one has it all together because it’s impossible have it all together. Life doesn’t work that way. Dinner plans don’t happen because you forgot to thaw the chicken or a child is complaining that they are hungry NOW and don’t want to wait for you to cook. So you throw together leftovers and call it good praying that you can pick off enough unbruised and green grapes to warrant a full serving/full plate. Sometimes you just do what you have to do in the moment and that’s ok. It doesn’t require approval form others and you shouldn’t feel like a horrible mother/parent because you didn’t cook. And yes, I do think that a frozen pizza is considered cooking most soccer nights. All the major food groups are represented on one doughy disc. WIN!

So why is it that we feel we have to measure up to someone else’s standards? Why do we cut each other down or judge one another when we know full well we don’t have it all together? Why do we look around comparing ourselves to others, with only the ability to see a limited view. Reality is very different from perception. So we feel that we are failing our families and children when we are really just trying to survive the week!

I love that I’m able to work from home, but I still have mounds and mounds of laundry staring at me and children wondering where their shorts are. Is spraying them with Febreeze enough in a pinch? Perhaps? My point is that my job is centered around fitness so people hold me to a higher standard thinking that I have it all together because I’m home. BAH! Not at all the case. Life trumps perfection and God gives grace. Sometimes I’m starting into the fridge attempting to be creative and quick in order to check the “feed your kids” box for the evening and that’s ok. And We are frantically searching through laundry baskets looking for the one shirt required for practice. We are stressed and hurried and it’s our own doing.

I don’t think that working moms, or stay at home moms can really compare or critique one another because we all have our own individual struggles. It’s about grace and support. We’ve all been there. We get it! We live it….so why do we think we have to appear stronger or more capable than the next person. We are HOT MESSES and that’s ok! How about a little understanding and compassion for our fellow mamas?

I’m blessed to have a group of ladies who build me up and encourage me. A core group of people who are mostly moms and who “do this life” with me understanding that we don’t have it together and that’s OK! We make it work leaning on God to provide the strength and the grace. And if I’m seeking God’s strength and grace then no one else’s opinion or cut-down matters. Do you, unapologetically!

And if you’re looking for a place to encourage you, build you up, challenge you and give you the opportunity to work on your fitness goals both physically and spiritually then fill out the form below 🙂 Using your passion to fulfill your purpose is one of the most incredible feelings, and when you are able to impact others AND affect change in your family then you are not only changing the lives of others you are changing your family’s future!

Follow your calling, whatever that is. NO one can question THAT!

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How Coaching Has Changed My Life!

SHARING with you!!!

– How coaching has changed my life!

– How you can start your OWN business helping others for a crazy low price!

–  The amazing earning potential while working 10-12 hours a week from home

Those who attend live and sign up will receive a special bonus, so if you can be there, be there!


I am excited to share this with you and had to record it because LIFE!



J is for Jesus, O is for OTHERS, Y is for You….

This is one of the cheers that was popular at the camp where I met my husband during the summer of 1997. We were counselors at a Christian sports camp and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life. During Fire Up the boys would yell “Joy Joy Joy all that Joy Joy Joy” while the girls yelled “J- is for Jesus, O-is for Others, Y aye aye aye aye aye aye is for YOU YOU YOU!” So true! And so awesome to see kids jumping up and down and screaming a cheer focusing on focusing on others (did that sound right?). Put it all together and it spells Joy (I know…cheesy). So when your job produces joy when you are other-focused it’s just so cool to help others see that same JOY!

Tonight after a kinda rough day, my kiddo came running downstairs so excited about something. Her mood was completely changed and she wanted to share. She was so excited to help a friend of hers, and be a part of a surprise. Precious. She even said “I was all blah and now I’m just EEEEEE” because I am so excited! That’s what I love about sharing with others and celebrating their joy….you are focused on their excitement, their victories and on seeing them so happy that you forget about your own disappointments.

Just like the cheer says. When you focus on JESUS and share with others, YOU experience complete JOY. It all goes together .

J is for JESUS

O is for OTHERS

Y is for YOU

Things I’m Learning….I am enough.

I began this blog to share my heart and to share things I’ve learned; to inspire others and share motivation. But along the way I let doubt and fear creep in and I stopped posting and stopped sharing. I allowed negativity and others opinions to affect me to the point where I didn’t believe that what I had to say would
be received by anyone; that I couldn’t possibly help anyone. I’m learning. I’m learning daily. I’m growing daily.

Recently I’ve been reading more, studying, and speaking positively to myself. I am stepping out more in faith and I’m believing that each step I take is one more step forward on the path God has placed my feet. I’m on this journey for a reason. I’ve been given this opportunity for a reason.

In the past three years I’ve undergone a lot of change physically, spiritually and emotionally. Looking back it’s interesting to recount each experience and memory and see how one decision has greatly impacted me and my family. Listening to a podcast today I was struck by how much I related with the speaker. How much I truly want to be valued and respected and appreciated; and how I’ve allowed my passion and desire to work and work hard to define me and my worth. I’m not my job. I’m me. I’m flawed, imperfect, passionate, stubborn, competitive, emotional, and relentless. And God doesn’t make mistakes. I’m exactly who He made me to be.

One crazy step of faith three years ago put me on this path to fulfill and live out a purpose I’ve been blindly working towards my entire life. I joined with others who believe that fitness, accountability, nutrition and encouragement can truly impact peoples lives in more ways than just physically. I saw and still see the results and the affects that one person can have on one, two, five, twenty individuals and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Ive been given the opportunity to be an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle and that I’ve been allowed to share my faith openly to inspire and motivate others.

team 2


Embracing this opportunity has not only allowed me to gain confidence, it’s allowed me to become a more encouraging and empathetic person. It’s given me the opportunity to work towards goals believing that they will be realities. And it’s allowed me the change to have dreams KNOWING that dreams do come true. How do I know this? Because I’ve lived it and watched others live it.

The me of three years ago was:

closed off




in debt

unable to dream

without desire for anything more


found worth in the approval of others

And it’s funny to me to think back and remember that person because she was faking it. She was putting on a happy face and going through the motions. Life wasn’t bad….but I was lost. I mean I feel like for Christians we will never feel like this place is ever home because we are called to something greater. But I felt lost.

You cannot puIMG_9962t a price on growth and you cannot put a price on experiences, but you can acknowledge that when you do something you love you don’t feel like you’re working. You feel like you are investing in lives. You feel like you are making a difference and that you are impacting people to the nth degree. Income or a quick fix was never a part of this journey. In fact, I jumped into this opportunity with both feet not having ever tried Shakeology. But I was led to be a part of this community and this family of support and encouragement and CHANGE. I knew I had to be a part of it. I KNEW I had to learn more and experience it. So I jumped. I listened to people talk about Shakeology® and what it had done for them and so I trusted and I believed. I’d never tried it before but what a blessing it has been at the perfect time for me. What I experienced was relief, greater health, and solutions to problems doctors couldn’t help me with. I’ve accepted myself and no longer have to fit a mold or a size or a weight to be accepted. I’m me. I’m enough. 

In the past few years my focus has changed. I love helping my team, I love meeting new people and I’m ok with just sharing my quirky self. I hope that my journey will inspire someone else to take that fist step in their job, their fitness, their relationships, their faith, and perhaps take steps to join my THRIVE team. But really what I want is to make a difference.

The me of today is:


flawed (and it’s ok)

confident (but still quiet at first)

strong inside and out (but still growing)

healthy (finally)

unafraid to share

unafraid to learn

a leader

a provider

a partner (I finally feel like I’m doing more to contribute to our family). You might not get this but please understand. As a mother and wife I have purpose….but I needed something more especially when the kids went to school and the hubby deployed.

a confident mother who teacher her kids to stand up for themselves, and is proud of the people these children are becoming.

an encourager (a skill I’ve had to learn).

italy dinner


Looking back I’ve seen, tasted and watched more of life than I can remember in the previous 35 years. I’ve cried more happy tears and I’ve felt more peace than ever. I’ve also been tested and refined and will continue to be (but that’s a part of growth, right?) Even though my season right now is one of reflection, I know me. I know who I am and I know WHOSE I am. I know that what I have to share makes a difference and I’m thankful daily that I have this opportunity to not only share my heart but I have grace to fail forward.

You might be seeking and wondering and wanting to know more about my journey and how you can step out and be your boss, setting your hours, living your dreams and impacting others. If you are then please fill out the form below and I would love to meet you. It’s one of the many joys of coaching….the freedom to meet new people and impact lives.

I began this site as a way to share my story but got lost somewhere in the writing down and telling of it because I listened to others and allowed negativity to affect me . But by God’s grace I’m saved, learning and growing daily despite my failures and shortcomings. My journey and my
leadership are different from others and it’s ok. My journey doesn’t have to look like someone else’s and it won’t.


-Oz5bXQd-XjZ6PX7SdFXeBdpEdoPCF8GnoURfJWCl-Q,VgUGB_4w4FFsZifGEu7YjZ3TZsai4QOSZ8owHh0O-0oI am enough.




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Refreshing from the inside out!

Refresh complete!!!! Finished off the last delicious vanilla fresh last night and woke up to lean and refreshed….up and at ’em for the first day of school and pretty pleased with myself for sticking with it!!!. Exactly what I needed after travel, end of summer treats and lack of sleep staying up late watching movies 🙂 
Sometimes you push hard and burn out your body….you just need to take a little time to love on it. It responds 🙂 
***It’s only 3 days and it’s food and fuel!!! But think about these things because NOTHING is a quick fix and results you see don’t happen overnight….they take time, effort, consistency and WORK! 
Here’s the truth:
**I drink wine
**My nutrition is 80-20% meaning 80% “on” and 20% “off” but that’s balance! 
**I work out 30 minutes a day
**I’m vegan 
**I don’t drink soda
**I do like the occasional cup of coffee
**One of my meals DAILY for the past 3 years has been Shakeology® because I haven’t found anything better and it’s helped me from the inside out (making it in a few minutes).
**I lift weights but not HEAVY weights
**I’m 38 years old and mother of two and I work out from home 99% of the time. 
**I love helping people have their own success story.
Lost 3 inches and what’s more important to me. I FEEL clean. Ya know? Can you just think about that for a sec? Not sluggish, ya’ know? 
WHY NOT YOU!?!?!?!?!

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