Spring Break Goals – the SB Booty Challenge

I’ve been watching a friend get ready for a competition and I am LOVING her results. Last week she posted pictures of herself trying on bathing suits and she looked GREAT! Hello, mom of three looking AWESOME in a bikini? It’s possible, and she has worked ridiculously hard, but honestly the thought of getting into a bathing suits scares me to bits. You might think this is crazy. I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been, eating the cleanest and healthiest I ever have, BUT (or BUTT for these purposes) I have my own insecurities that make my mind immediately go to SWIM DRESS! Yes, I said it. You know, those bathing suits with the skirts? Or the shorts? Or a tankini? Is there a swimsuit with bottoms that looks like workout capris? I’ll take one of those. But seriously, these are thoughts that go through my mind! We are our WORST critics! I have areas that need some attention. I hate wearing shorts because when I check the back side in the mirror I’m horrified. I know I can do better, I know that that cellulite is the results of diet and hydration so I NEED to take the next few weeks to focus on this very important part of my body. At this point there is NO WAY a swimsuit is even on my radar!  So, what’s the plan? LOWER BODY FOCUS….seriously. I’ve got the diet part down after multiple rounds of 21 day Fix and 21 day Fix Extreme, and now it’s time to really tone the tush and give it a little extra attention. I know how to do it so what’s holding me back? ME! HAHA.


I started my coaching business with Brazil Butt Lift and the name always makes me giggle, but I will say that THAT workout DOES THE TRICK! So I will be mixing it up with a little BBL and sticking with my Extreme workouts and a few other lower body focused workouts, especially targeting the hamstrings, inner and outer thighs. I want to LIFT what age and gravity have been tugging on for years. I have the spray tan going on and will definitely schedule another one before my April trip to Cancun (yikes that will be here before you know it). So here is my plan and I’ll share with you what I did last week and really liked. And what my plan is for the weeks to come! If you want to follow on please comment and join me in my SB Booty Challenge. I’ve also been mixing it up and adding a few workouts to challenge myself. So I’ve included those in this program as well. And yes, I will be adjusting my nutrition to match the added activity. I don’t want to really bulk up so I’m going to try and stick with body weight or light to medium weights (8-12 pounds for me) For these workouts. I like where I am in the upper body department, but will definitely try to challenge myself in the lower department 🙂


Monday – 21 DFX Plyo/Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum (ouch)

Tuesday – Upper Fix Extreme and Extreme Abs

Wednesday – Pilates Extreme and Brazil Butt Lift High and Tight

Thursday – Lower Extreme and Next Level Abs

Friday – Cardio Extreme and Extreme ABC

Saturday – Extreme Dirty 30 and ExtremeAbs

Sunday – PiYo Buns and A little fun with Cool Moves to Improve your Butt



I like the look of this and know I’ll like the look of my legs and rear end even more AFTER this. Seriously…..always a problem area. So I’m going all in. I realize that you cannot work the same muscle group back to back because it needs time to repair and do it’s growing/burning thing. So, I’m committing to stay strong and focus on my weakness until they are my strengths.

I love this quote from Prevention Magazine: “Cellulite is a two-fold problem, so we need a two-fold solution,” Westcott says. “Strength train to get the muscles firm and strong, and lose excess body fat.”   I agree!

Here are are a few fit tips as far as INPUT. I’ve shared what I’m going to to to get a great OUPUT but the nutrition part of this is just as important.

1. Eat clean unprocessed foods

2. FLUSH (drink water water water)

3. Flavor with SEA or Himalayan Salt with are alkaline and give to the body instead of take away.

4. Dry Brush and Skin Massage

5. SWEAT (workout)

and see the rest of the this awesome article here! pilates

I’m committing to this starting Monday (playing around with is this week) and if you would like to go ALL IN with me then please contact me below or email me at

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Why do you coach?

_MG_7030The past few weeks have been difficult. I’m soul-searching and working hard to be a good leader for the people whose lives I affect and impact. It’s incredible to know that you CAN and DO impact others in such a profound way.

What began as something that looked incredible (totally watching other people do amazing things) has turned into the most fulfilling adventure for me and countless others. I’m the one doing the amazing things but not by my own might….God has truly done a work in me. It’s difficult to put into words, but the point of this post is to do just that; to share my heart. 

Why do I coach? Because one message of hope and excitement is enough to fill me up for days. Because we are debt free. Because my family can generously give to others. Because I’m in the best shape mentally and physically that I’ve EVER been. Because I have a purpose that changes the lives of people all over the world. Because I love fitness and the relationship that is formed when you encourage someone to believe in themselves and go after their dreams. Because I never allowed myself to dream and am living a life that I could NEVER have imagined.

I coach so that others will experience Christ. I coach so that others will experience joy and accomplishment and so that the people who come into my life will be forever changed.

I work tirelessly to provide training and resources and fun to my team because I believe that what I do matters.

So when I share a post, a picture and silly little article it’s because I’m reaching out to that person who needs to see it/hear it/feel it and be changed. I’m sharing because I know that there are many people out there who have never heard a positive word or who need to put themselves first for a while because they are tired of being tired. Hiring

I love coaching. I love what I can share with someone else that will change their life forever. And I love that God has placed this passion and this drive in me to keep moving forward no matter what believing that He will give me the strength and the compassion to run this race.

” let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us” Hebrews 12:1


A few weeks ago I purchased a spiralizer or a VEGETTI machine. We got a HUGE laugh out of the name because I pronounced it wrong (oops). ANYWAY!!!! Finally mastered the machine last night and made zucchini noodles or ZOODLES with avocado cream sauce …OH….MY……GOODNESS… delicious you don’t even understand! Oh and EASY ! YES SO EASY!IMG_7251


Here you go 🙂

5 zucchini ends removed

coconut oil



15 basil leaves

2 small avocados or 1 large (seeded and insides scooped out)

1/2 lemon, juiced

3 tsp garlic

fresh ground black pepper

sea salt

2 Tbsp olive oil.


Spiralize the noodles and set aside. In a food processor (or Vitamin like I used) combine all of the sauce ingredients and pulse that sucker until creamy! I had to add a little more olive oil because I used larger avocados.

Head your coconut oil and cook noodles in a pan until they are warm and soft but not floppy and translucent. You can either add the avocado sauce to the pan and heat it or serve the dish cold. It’s totally up to you. You can even keep the noodles raw!


Thief of Joy

***I decided that I just needed to pour out my feelings today. So I’m not even going to go back and edit this because I want it to be raw and honest.

You’ve probably heard someone say that comparison is the thief of joy, right? I believe it.I’m happiest when I’m in my routine, growing and learning and helping others. But every once in a while doubt and fear sneak in. I question myself and I question my strength and my purpose. I question everything. One small seed can help you grow and one small week can ruin all of that growth.

If you were to compare your day and your life to a garden would you see fruits and flowers bloomistregnthng or would you see weeds and things dying because they haven’t been tended to. Think about your career. Are you giving it the time it deserves? Are you giving it too much. When you take all of the soil or the nutrients (time) and devote it to one area of your life what dies…..what suffers? Is one are of your garden thriving while another is struggling? I believe that JOY comes when your garden is tended evenly, meaning that everything is blooming, flourishing or at least taken care of. that doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING in your garden has to be fruiting and blooming at the same time, but I do think that watering every area of your life keeps it ready to produce at any time. Why the crazy garden analogy? Just picture it. Picture a beautiful garden were everything blooms in its time. There’s always something beautiful to look at that’s growing and thriving. That’s a purpose-filled, joyful life.

When our attention is pulled from our garden, looking into others gardens we forget all the work and beauty in our own garden. I find myself looking around and seeing what others are doing and I fall into that trap of comparison. Comparison absolutely steals our joy. So how do we fix that? Time to make a change. If you are competitive like me, be competitive with yourself. Be the best you can be in the areas of your life that mean the most to you. Take time to grow yourself daily through personal development. I am LOVING the books I’m reading right now, not because they are comfortable sappy, happy reads but because they are pulling out the things I need to address. They are forcing me to grow and be better everyday. When I take time to address those areas of my life I will grow on my own and it will benefit my garden.

Another saying I bet you’ve heard is “don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 10.” What looks happy and shiny on the outside could be hiding a lot of growth, pain, triumph and struggle that you have yet to experience. We cannot all be on the same page. Wow I’m using a lot of analogies today but when something is on your heart you just have to get it out!


I know thatI can “do better” I know that I can be a better ______ but I have to be willing to first acknowledge the weakness and deficiency and then be willing to do what it takes to change. Some will take that step and others won’t. If you’re willing to do the things to better yourself you will experience a fruit-filled, purpose-filled life where your garden blooms year-round. Just like nature though, things will happen to stop your growth and you will have to take the time to figure out how to grow THROUGH those hard times so that you don’t wither. Don’t let the pruning or the growth stop you. Look at it as a way to grow deeper roots and stronger branches and don’t let one small cut steal your joy.

You were fearfully and wonderfully made for an incredible purpose (preaching to the choir here) and each day that you are given is an opportunity to share your gifts with others!

I hope that today you are filled with joy, aware of the beautiful blossoms in your life as well as the areas where you can grow.


What’s the difference in Extreme and Countdown to Competition?

This is a question I’ve been getting a lot lately as men and women decide how they want to approach the 21 Day Fix Extreme. It’s a decision each person has to make based on their goals and their “want-to”.

The 21 Day Fix Extreme is designed to take you to your “next level” results. If you’ve worked for a while and you’re ALMOST to your desired results and just have a few pounds and few inches left then Extreme could be for you! If you want to get those SHREDDED results and are ready to go IN for 21 days then this program is DEFINITELY for you. Results will come with the fitness program and either of the nutrition programs, BUT the Countdown to Competition plan and Extreme are more strict than the first generation 21 Day Fix Plan. The plan on top is the Countdown to Competition. The one below is the Comp in reverse, or Extreme  with two comp days a week!

comp extreme

Extreme is similar to the the 21 Day FIX except for a  few things. NO cheats, no treats (no chocolate and no wine) and the bottom 1/3 of the foods are missing from the Extreme program.

Countdown to Competition is Carb Cycling.  You will carb deplete for 15 of the 21 Days which  means no purples, no oranges and limited yellows.There results with Countdown to Competition are more extreme and mentally tough.

Check out the countdown to competition schedule below. You have to decide which program is for you once you receive your program. Online accountability groups offer you the support of a team-environment sharing recipes, meal plans, and daily inspiration That’s the part of the program you can’t buy. Knowing that others are counting on you makes you show up daily and stay strong.


You’ve got this!!! Time to get EXTREME!



Countdown to Comp plan tally



Egg and Spinach Scramble

An easy and savory breakfast option providing protein, and veggies first thing, or as a snack. When you’re feeding your body what it NEEDS it doesn’t matter what time of the day you make this dish. It is a great breakfast, snack, dinner recipe!  I love the spinach in this recipe and the wonderful aroma. Perfect for the 21 day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme to fuel your fitness and your results!

Egg and Spinach 21 dfx

Turkey Meatballs. Family Favorite!

Turkey meatballs for both the extreme and countdown to competition meal plans.

Serving Size : Five count as 1 red and 1/2 yellow container.

We prepped these on Sunday night to have them ready to grab and go during the week. The kids added them to pasta and the entire family loved them! These were super simple to throw together!

Turkey Meatballs 21dfx meatballs

Simple and Clean Turkey Chili

A family favorite and super simple to prep ahead of time or throw together in a pinch! This can be prepared for crock pots or slow cookers so that you are ready for dinner after a busy day, or if you have the ingredients ready to go this recipe can be prepped in about 30 minutes (I know…we’ve done it)!! Serving : 1 1/2 cups

1 Red

1/2 green

1/2 yellow


Turkey Chili, 21dfxchili

Form is KING!

As with every fitness program form is KING! What do I mean by that? You can rock the program, and jump high, do 50 pushups with the best of them, but if you aren’t focusing on form you are setting yourself up for injury and your results will NOT be as awesome as if you just take the time to perfect your form first.

You’ve probably heard that when you squat, you need to keep your knees over your toes, sit back almost like you’re sitting in a chair, brace your core and keep your toes and knees pointed forward. WHAT? That’s  lot to think about. YES, but when you do a squat correctly you work the areas of your body a squat is MEANT to work. A saggy core will results in lower back pain, and knees out of alignment can over time results in knee pain! So check out this video with a few HOW-TOs to make sure your form is SPOT ON so that you reap the benefits of your workout. I mean if you’re going to take the time to sweat and set yourself up for soreness, you definitely want the time to be well-spent!

Another favorite workout where form is SUPER important is Pilates. The 21 Day Fix Extreme uses bands and it can be tricky at first. If the band is too heavy you will not be able to get the proper extension and if the band is too light you will not reap the benefits of the band. This workout is an incredible way to elongate muscles, and really work deep into the muscles with a different resistance than free weight.

The video will show you how to church wrap and work through some of my favorite 21 DFX pilates moves.


Again, the important things to think about with the bands are to keep the core braced, wrists strong, not bend; and to flex your foot to stabilize the band through all moves. Don’t snap the band, but work with both concentric and eccentric contractions as you move through the motion.

Form is KEY but form is KING. Without it you risk injury and you also don’t get the results you’re working so hard to achieve. Take the time to learn more about the proper form before you start so that you can ROCK this and other programs!


Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Apple Pie that’s 21 Day Fix Extreme approved? YES PLEASE!

This is so perfect on Extreme days! And it’s SO DELICIOUS and simple to make. It seriously tastes like you are eating apple pie for breakfast!

1/2 yellow container steel cut oats (I use Gluten Free Bob’s Mill brand)

1 purple sliced Honeycrisp apples

1-2 tsp coconut oil


In a small skillet head coconut oil and add sliced apples and cinnamon, coating all apples until soft and cooked.

While cooking apples cook steel coat oats according to package until soft and chewy (my favorite consistency).


Place oats in a bowl and top with apples and cinnamon …..YUM!!!!

1 yellow

1 purple

1-2 tspApple cinnamon


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