Giving Back

Compassion International is an organization near and dear to our hearts.

A few years ago our family sponsored Samuel. We chose him because he and our son are the same age and we wanted our son to connect with someone else his age who liked the same sports and activities.

Soon he became known as “brother” and we prayed for Samuel all the time and sent him birthday and christmas presents. Our kids write letters and draw pictures and our communication is sweet and we talk about meeting him someday. Then two years ago we “adopted” Maame, a girl close in age to our daughter. We wanted our children to understand not only that they are blessed but that we are blessed to be able to give to Samuel and Maame and develop a relationship with these kids and their families even though they are a world away.

Ever since I can remember we have packed Operation Christmas boxes with our kids to bless children all over the world. We let our kids pick the presents and pack the boxes so that they themselves are giving the gifts and putting their heart into blessing someone else.

Compassion is an incredible organization that we are blessed to be able to support and someday we hope to meet our brother and sister.

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