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My story is that I really didn’t think I had a story to share. Average is the way I would have described myself before 2 years ago. Now I understand that every single person is completely amazing, special and unique and that we all have a story to share.

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Hi! I’m Lauren Duke…

I’m a mom of two kiddos and a military spouse. My husband is an Air Force pilot and his job has kept him serving and traveling the better part of our 15 years of marriage. It wasn’t what I signed up for, but I’m thankful that God has used each deployment to show me something about HIM and about me that I never thought possible. I’m strong, capable, and now that I believe it I want others to believe as well.

I joined Beachbody in June of 2012. I was at a crossroads and really felt that God opened a door for me to follow a passion of mine. Fitness. I was already doing more that doctors told me I would ever be able to do as an asthmatic, and I was inspiring other women to go after their fitness goals. I jumped in and signed up as a coach and drove to Las Vegas alone the next day to hear stories of healing, transformation and fulfillment! I knew I wanted to be one of those stories but I wasn’t sure HOW. What I did was listen, learn, share, and open up with others about what they could accomplish with encouragement and motivation from me. I helped people achieve their fitness goals! Period! And along the way, I achieved mine as well!

What a win-win.

What I wasn’t aware of were the possibilities and the growth that would take place in me. Sharing your triumphs and excitement with others is so easy because it’s personal. My passion spread like wildfire and so many people joined my team. As our team grew, the excitement and the transformation stories multiplied. Along with that though, were the financial freedom stories. These really hit home with me because at the time we were living paycheck to paycheck and I was sometimes embarrassed about putting bills off because we needed gas for the car. In the fifth week as a coach, I earned $500 and broke down.

This was freedom!

This was both car payments and a burden was lifted! Eventually I was able to put aside money for savings. We were able to give to organizations that are dear to us and we were able to provide opportunities for our kids without going into debt. In the months since I signed up, my team has exploded and even became one of the Top 10 teams in the entire company last year (our first full year as a team). I’m even more excited to share my story and continue to help others not only with their physical goals but also with their financial goals. The transformation stories are mind-blowing and to think that this all began with one crazy decision to drive across a desert alon21 dfxe.

“This opportunity is for anyone who has passion and purpose.”

There are no limitations to what you can achieve and to the lives you can impact. I’m not sure what God has in store for my future, but I know that I’m part of something bigger than me and that I have a team of incredible individuals who are carrying on daily and inviting people to run towards their dreams and goals while believing that anything is possible! I wake up excited everyday to meet new people and to impact lives. Not many can say that. I’m also living dreams and goals that I never allowed myself to have before Beachbody.

Now…I’m not afraid to JUMP

I’m leading my team to their goals and dreams and I’m excited to celebrate THEIR successes and the many successes of the people whose lives are changed everyday.


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15 Star Superstar Diamond Beachbody Coach
2013 Top 10 Elite Coach

ELITE Coach 2013 & 2014

#7 out of 140,000+ Beachbody Coaches (2013)
#23 out of 250,000 Coaches (2014)
Success Club 10 All-Star Legend
Fast Track Diamond Coach (in 72 Days)
AFAA Group Fitness Instructor
Certified Turbo Kick Instructor
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Certified INSANITY Instructor

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