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21 Day Fix EXTREME!

21dfxI had the opportunity to participate in the 21 Day Fix Extreme test group that began in October. As someone who always felt like I could get better results and pushed herself I saw this as an awesome opportunity to GO FOR IT! Why not, right? I mean when you’re given the opportunity to try a NEW program WITH the creator you jump! The challenge group atmosphere was amazing and everyone in the group gave 100% to the nutrition and the fitness portion. The results were incredible for everyone. In just 10 days I saw a drastic difference and then after 21 days I felt incredible from the inside out! I cannot wait for this program to release February 2 and for many others to find their extreme and see what they can achieve just 21 days!


My results have continued!!! One round just isn’t enough and because you can adjust your containers and still have results you can continue to see strength and feel stronger with each round! So after a few rounds my results haven’t stopped !


Three rounds and still going…..


One of the incredible women who has experienced an amazing body transformation is Amy A., a mom of 3 who used PiYo and Shakeology to reshape her body and lose over 30 lbs!  Check out her amazing journey below in her own words:

21 Day Fix

By now you’ve probably heard all the hype about Beachbody’s new program, 21 Day Fix. It’s designed to take the guesswork out of losing weight, and helps you learn how to eat clean and get results FAST! Check out Ashleen C., who lost her baby weight fast in just 21 days!

21 Day Fix

And recently my sweet friend Jennifer completed the 21 Day Fix. She didn’t have weight to lose, but she was looking for confidence and energy. I LOVE what Jen had to share with me. It literally brought me to eras because her transformation was done while moving from a ranch to a mobile home and working out IN that mobile home with kids and pets. Excuses don’t exist when your dreams are BIG!

One 21 Day Fix and a month on Shakeology:

Focus T25

Jose S. changed his body and his life with a little help from Shaun T and a lot of determination and hard work!  Check out his amazing 80 lb weight loss and read his story in his own words below!

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